Blinker Hoods

Blinker and ear hoods are available in several color and cup options. If you can't find the exact combination you're looking for, we'll customize it for you! Therapeutic Liquid Titanium hoods by Fenwick are a great choice for calming and focusing nervous horses. The most thorough eye protection can be found in the Equivizor with side blinds and vents to prevent fogging. Plus, it comes in 8 color options.

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Facehood Knit Full Cups Black with Snap Hooks

Knit Racing Blinker Hood by Finn Tack

This knit hood gives the option to make a desired shape.

Product Details:

  • Polyester Knit Hood fabric
  • PVC Half Cup Blinders
  • Cup blinders come with grooves
  • Elastic snap closure
  • One Size 
Racing Visor Hood Equivizor
Equivizor Racing Hood by Jack's Mfg. EQUIVIZOR RACING (patented). Say goodbye to blinkers and hello to the patented EQUINE RACING VISOR.
The current rave in new Zealand, and Australia harness racing.

It attaches easily with 3 velcro strips. 1 at brow band. 1 on each side cheek. Then 1 adjustable web strap under chin. Airflow vents prevent fogging. MAXIMUM EYE PROTECTION.  Blinder features on each side, performs better than screen version for total eye protection.
Lycra Hood No Ears with Cups

Lycra Race hood with Cups and No Ears by Finish Line of Olkahoma. This Lycra race hood has no ear covesr with sewn on cups. This is a well trusted brand with a high quality product. You will not be disappointed with this hood! Sturdy with attention to detail this race hood is ideal for horses and their comfort.

Product Details:

  • Full Cups (similar to blinds) horses can only see in front of them
  • French Cups horse cannot see behind but can see to the front and to the side
  • Same design as #17D but in Lycra material
  • Average horse size
Equivizor Recovery Vizor

Equivizor Recover Vizor is specifically designed to provide maximum protection for horses suffering Uvetits, recovering from eye surgery/injuries/scratches and more. Comes with quick release adjustable halter that clips over the poll, around the nose and under the cheek.

Product Details:

  • Made with clear soft PVC
  • Helps prevent orbital abscess injury to the lens, iris and retina
  • Spacers are located on the forehead, nose and cheek region
  • Spacers lift the vizor away from the face for air flow
  • Several air vents in the vizor allow for even more air flow while stil protecting the eyes
  • Horse Size
Hood With Mesh Goggles

Race Hood with Mesh Googles by Zilco

Race hood features wire-like mesh goggles with french cups. The cups are laced on and can be taken off or place in different locations around the eye.

Ear Hood Lined Ears

Lined Ear Hood by Big Dee's.

Product Details:

  • Black
  • Lined ear hood without a buckle or velcro. 
  • Sits over the ears and the bridle crown will hold it in place.
Hood Nylon No Ears Sewn On Cups

Nylon Hood with No Ears by Big Dee's.

Product Details:

  • Nylon hood with sewn on full cups
  • No ears
  • Two elasticized EZ Pull fastener closure straps secure hood under jaw
  • Available in black, red, blue, green, and white.
  • Cups are white
Rubber Ear Cones
Gum rubber ear cones/ear covers for use in addition to an ear hood or blinker hood with ears, to aid in dampening the surrounding noise while racing.
Ear Hood with Wool Lining

Ear Hood by Finn Tack

Product Details:

  • Ear cover made of Enstex fabric
  • Wool lining
  • Has an elastic rubber strap under the jaw
  • Velcro attachment
Goggles Full Coverage-Each

Google for Race Hood by Jacks Mfg.

Full coverage google for lace on style race hoods.

Product Details:

  • Available in clear, transulcent amber or translucent green.
  • Laces not included.
  • Does not come on or with a hood.
  • Outside Diameter: 5.5"
  • Inside Diameter: 4.125"
Silk Ear Hood

Ear Hood by Jacks Mfg.

Product Details:

  • Made of quality nylon/silk material with velcro closure for secure fit.
  • Commonly used in standardbred racing on horses to muffle or silence sound for excitable horses.
  • Can be used with or without cones.
  • Dynal Ears sold seperately.
Silk Face Hood With Ears Lace On Cups

Silk Style Race Hood with Ears by Jacks Mfg

Blinker hood with Ears is made of durable nylon/silk material. Feature lace-on full cups for complete protection and two easy fasten strips that go under the chin.

Face Hood With Ears  Knit
$69.95 - $71.95

Knit Race Hood with Ears by Finish Line Of Oklahoma

Product Details:

  • Knit face hood with ears
  • Available with sewn on full cups, KCB cups or no cups.
  • Dynal ears are used inside the hood to help reduce noises (sold separately)
  • Comes in Black Only
Silk Face Hood Without Ears

Silk Race Hood by Jacks Mfg.

Blinker hood without ears. Designed to be used with lace on cups are made of the finest nylon/silk material with self gripping closure.

One pair of lace on full cups are included.

Ear Hood Black

Ear Hood

Product Details:

  • Made of heavy duty, poly/cotton material
  • Adjustable buckle and strap closure.
  • Provides protection and relief to horses ears.
  • Can be used with or without dynal ears
  • Dynal ears sold separately
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