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Large selection of bridles and lines that include leather, nylon and beta. All your favorite quality brands including Feather-Weight, Walsh, Protecto and Country Pride. Add a custom browband for an inexpensive finishing touch to your bridle. Specialty bridle options include telescopic, Kant C Back, lift blinds and more. You'll also find tie downs, overchecks, nosebands and earplugs to customize your tack set up for each horse. Shop even more standardbred racing tack items here.

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Blind Bridle Synthetic Leather lined Crown

Blind Bridle by Country Pride

Product Details:

  • Synthetic blind bridle
  • This quality fully synthetic blind bridle is offered complete
  • Leather lined crown
  • Comes with front and rear overcheck and snap
  • Throat latch
  • Blinds 
  • Noseband
  • Appropriate for Standardbred Race, Training, or Road use.
  • Bits sold seperately
Tie Down Yoke for Pullers

This is a combination tie down and controller for pullers that hooks to the girth, comes up between the front legs then goes through the driving bit You hook your line to the d-ring on the strap for more leverage. Includes 2 safety straps that you snap to the bit cheek on either side and the nylon loop slides onto your line before you buckle it in.

Product Details:

  • Flexible nylon yoke that easily slides through the bit
  • Beta Material girth attachment for durability and easy cleaning
  • Perfect for pullers as it helps give extra leverage without any extra effort from the driver
  • Overall length adjusts from 46"-52"
  • Safety straps for attaching to the bit cheeks measure 11"
Walsh Blind Beta Bridle

Blind Bridle by Walsh. Newly redesigned with a stainless steel tongue in the overchek buckle and more adjustment holes for optimum fit. Blinds are designed for the horses vision to be limited to straight ahead. 

Product Details:

  • All Beta crown
  • Front and rear overcheck
  • Horse Size
  • Black only
Featherweight Synthetic Open Bridle

The Synthetic Open Bridle by FeatherWeight has no blinds which allows the horse to see in all directions and comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your stable.

Product Details:

  • Bits sold separately.
  • Easy to clean sythetic material.
Two Tone Browband Stock Colors

Two Tone Browbands Perfect for racing or on halters for the sale ring. Available in a variety of colors to match your barn colors.

Product Details:

Xtreme Open Bridle Beta

Xtreme Racing Equipment Beta Open Bridle allows the horse to see in all directions.

Product Details:

  • Synthetic Material is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Variety of Colors available
  • Does not include bits
Two Tone Custom Browband

Two Tone Browbands - Perfect for racing or on halteres for the sale ring. Custom Two Tone Browbands come in a variety of colors to match your barn colors.

Product Details:

* Custom items take up to 4 weeks for delivery. Custom items are non-returnable, non-refundable.

Open Bridle Beta

The Country Pride Open Beta Bridle allows the horse to see in all directions

Product details:

  • Beta material - easy to clean
  • Stainless hardware
  • Does not include
Protecto Open Bridle with Headnumber Holder
Open bridle made by protecto. Comes with head number holder on crown.
Walsh Leather Race Caveson Double Chin Buckle
This cavasen has a double buckle under the chin. Comes in leather only
Caveson Plastic Easy Adjustable
Race halter with easy adjustment to shut horses mouth. One size fits all
Open Bridle Synthetic Country Pride

Bridle by Country Pride

Product Details:

  • Open bridle-allows the horse to see in all directions.
  • Does not include bits.
Kant C Back Bridle

Kant C Back Bridle by Walsh.

Kant C Back blinds does not allow the horse to see behind them, but they can see to the side. Does not include bits.

Telescopic Bridle
Synthetic standardbred bridle that allows horse to only see straight ahead. Does not include bits.
Wahlsten Fix Blinds with Synthetic Cheek Straps

Blinds by Wahlsten

Use these blinds in a variety of ways! These can be used as regular blinds, half blinds or any combination.

Product Details:

  • Synthetic Cheek Straps
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Have new blinds in seconds!
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