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From buxtons to girths, headpoles to tie downs and everything in between, we have any accessory or part you might need to complete your horse’s harness. Every horse has different needs, so be sure to browse all our options to keep your horse training & racing in top form. If you're looking for bridles and other related parts like browbands, cavesons, earplugs and more, click here.

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Neoprene Girth with Wrap Strap Walsh

Neoprene Summer Girth with Wrap Strap by Walsh

Product Details:

  • To be used with Standardbred race harnesses
  • Soft padding, yet durable to prevent rubbing on sensitive horses
  • Includes d-ring for buxton attachment

    Black only.

Stud Support

Stud Support by Featherweight

Product Details:

  • Stallion support for standardbred race horses
  • Attaches to the crupper of the saddle
  • Runs down the rump of the horse, between the horse's rear legs
  • Two straps run up the horses side to secure to the d rings on the harness

    Stud Support Black

    Stud Support by EKGB

    Stallion support used on horses for standardbred racing. Attaches to the crupper and on the rings on the back of the harness saddle.


    Terret Replacement Harness Piece

    Product Details:

  • Ring attached to the race harness the the driving lines run through
  • Screws into the saddle of the race harness
  • Designed to fit standard race harness brands, Walsh, Zinger, Featherweight, etc..
  • Also helps secure the conversion straps to the harness saddle

    Tie Down Martingale With Elastic
    Nylon Tie Down with Elastic by Walsh

    Product Details:

    • Snaps to the girth on harness and then extends up to the ring on the caveson
    • Buckle adjustment for different lengths
    • Does have elastic
    Black only.
    Tie Down With Dogbone Synthetic

    Tie Down with Dogbone by Walsh

    Product Details:

    • Synthetic Long Tie down
    • Rubber Dogbone
    •  Designed for a horse that throws its head upwards.
    • Snaps from girth up to the caveson
    • Adjustable
    Breast Collar For Pressure Cart
    Breast collar that is needed for the Pressure Cart.


    Product Details:

    • Replacement piece
    • Screws into the top center part of the race harness saddle
    • Designed to fit standard race harness brands, Walsh, Zinger, Featherweight, etc..
    • The bridle overcheck is snapped into this
    • Headpole straps are secured of the waterhook as well


    Buxton Martingale Beta Featherweight

    Beta Buxton Martingale by Featherweight

    One inch beta buxton is easy to clean. Available in a variety of colors to coordinate with the rest of your racing tack. .

    Product Details:

    • Synthetic 1 inch Beta Material
    • Super easy to clean
    • Horse Size
    • Stainless Steel hardware
    • Adjustable buckle straps for use on different size horses
    • Wither buckle strap

    Available colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White or Yellow

    Swivel Couplers Pair

    Swivel Couplers by Protecto

    Product Details:

    • A freer horse = A faster and sounder horse.
    • Freer movement of the horse = Less restrictions = Less lameness
    • Separates your horse from the shaft, which will allow the horse complete free movement and will permit you to develop your colt's natural gait.
    • Allows your harness's saddle to stay put, which should eliminate the rubbing or scurving of your horse from the saddle.
    • Keeps your horse's disposition happier, with less pain and no pinching.
    • Do you have a trotter or pacer that has a lot of body movement, causing your sulky to shake and move all over the track? Use the Swivel Quick Hitch , which will make your sulky track almost perfectly.
    • This will allow your horse more freedom, permitting your horse to have a faster mile, be more sound and have less lameness.
    • Most imporatant are the comments from the horsemen saying that Protecto's new Swivel Quick Hitch helps a sore horse that is on one line to reduce his lameness, thus adding speed to your horse.
    Butt Flap With No Shitz

    Butt Flap by Protecto

    Product Details:

    • Butt Flap
    • Keeps Horse's Waste Products off the Driver
    • Fits over the Crupper with Velcro Hook-up.
    • Eliminates Towels or Diapers
    • Every Horseman Needs
    • One Size 9-1/2" x 7-1/4"
    Protecto Locking Headpole Burr

    Locking Headpole Burr by Protecto

    Product Details:

    • Locks tightly on the pole
    • Resists any movement up or done or any roation
    Protecto Locking Line Burr

    Locking Line Burr by Protecto

    Product Details:

  • Locks tightly onto the driving line
  • Used in Standardbred racing.
  • Helps keep the horse from bowing it's neck
  • 8 inches long.

    Protecto Locking Line Burr 12in.

    Locking Line Burr by Protecto

    Product Details:

  • Locks tightly onto the driving line
  • Used in Standardbred racing.
  • Helps keep the horse from bowing it's neck
  • 12 inches long.

    Girth Neoprene with Wrap Strap Protecto

    Neoprene Harness Girth by Protecto

    Product Details:

    • Neoprene helps to keep the girth from rubbing
    • Standardbred girth 28 inches
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