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All of your racehorse bit needs can be found at Big Dee's, from simple half cheeks to more advanced bits.

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Half Cheek Snaffle Driving Bit

Half cheek snaffle by Country Pride

Product Details:

  • Used for Pleasure driving or standardbreds most often
  • 4.75 is most popular for standardbred
  • Also available in 4.00 4.25 5.00
Rubber Covered Half Cheek Snaffle

Half Cheek bit by Big Dee's

Product Details:

  • Rubber covered snaffle with half cheeks
  • Commonly used for driving
  • Available in 4.50, 4.75, 5.00, 5.25, 5.50
Dee Ring Snaffle Bit Ss 5 Inch

Dee Ring Snaffle by Big Dee's.

The D Ring snaffle is considered a fixed-butt snaffle. The design spreads the pressure over a larger area of the horse's mouth when compared to a loose ring snaffle that directs pressure to the corners of the mouth.

This bit helps with lateral movement while achieving suppleness from jaw to tail.

Dexter Ring Bit 5in.
Half cheek with jointed mouthpiece. Rubber or stainless 5 inch mouth.
Half Cheek Dr. Bristol Mouth
Stainless steel half cheek snaffle with Dr. Bristol Mouth piece. 5" mouth.
Springsteen Bit
Springsteen snaffles is used on horses that run through or lay on the bit. Attach the headstall to the small loose rings and the reins to the large rings. The spoons collapse onto the jaw as pressure is applied to the reins in a Hackamore like function with very little mouth pressure. 2" rings, 15 mm mouth
Butterfly Bit 5in.

Stainless Steel Butterfly Bit from Zilco. This bit features a mullen mouth which will exert a consistent even pressure over the tongue. The butterfly style cheek piece will give some extra control as opposed to a standard cheek.

Dexter Tongue Control Bit 5 inch Mouth Closed Spoon
Stainless steel Dexter Spoon Bit has a 5" double jointed mouth with spoon.
Leather Bit French Soft  Straight
Soft french leather bit with brass coated rings
Henry Bit Ss

Zilco Standardbred overcheck bit

Product Details:

  • 5 inch
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3.5mm thickness
  • Overcheck bit
Riegle Bit Leather Covered

Riegle Bit

Product Details:

  • S/S leather covered
  • Gene Riegle Bit was designed with the assistance of the famous trainer himself.
  • A combination of the double extension snaffle with the Billy Haughton.
  • Offers superior control of the horse.
Norton Bit With Loose Ring Cheek

Norton Bit with loose ring cheek by Big Dee's.

  • Race bit.
  • O-ring snaffle
  • Smaller o-ring attached to mouthpiece
  • Additional attachments at joint of secondary mouthpiece.
Norton Bit With Half Cheek

Norton bit by Big Dee's.

Product Details:

  • Race bit.
  • O-ring snaffle with smaller o-ring attached to mouthpiece
  • Additional attachments at joint of secondary mouthpiece.
  • Also known as the citation bit, Norton Scitation or a Norton Perfection.
Triabit Ring Bit 5 in

Better Performance by Design!

The Triabit is a unique new bit design that allows race horses to perform better by relieving them of the stress and discomfort associated with traditional bits, ensuring that they settle easily in races and that they don't waste energy in running.

The Triabit was developed to be kinder and gentler on the horse while, at the same time, providing better control for the rider. Horses relax quickly on the Triabit because it is more comfortable than ordinary bits and it does not pull into the sides of the horse's mouth. The patented design allows the benefits of a snaffle without the pinching (and subsequent choking down) that can result from other bits.

Half Cheek Snaffle Driving Bit with Safety Bar 4.75 inch

Driving Snaffle

Half Cheek driving snaffle with Safety rings.  Safety rings help prevent the cheek pieces from separating.

Product Details:

  • 4.75" bit
  • Half Cheek Snaffle
  • Safety Rings
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