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Walsh 500 Leather Harness
$19.95 - $895.00


  •  Leather Saddle w/ Couplers
  • Leather Shaped Girth
  • Leather Crupper
  • Leather Lines & Hand Holds
  • Leather Bridle 
  • Leather Buxton 
  • Leather Caveson
  • 40" Nylon Pad
  • Stainless Steel Keepers

Striper Waterproof Saddle Pad 40inch Walsh
$40.95 - $42.95

Walsh Striper Waterproof Saddle Pads fits 1500, 1800 and 1600 Harnesses.

This great looking pad can be customized for your stable, these saddle pads are waterproof and cushioned for added protection.

Product Details:

  • Velcro strips provide easy attachment and removal.
  • 40" saddle pad.
  • Cushioned for added protection.
  • Waterproof.
  • All striper pads come with One Accent Trim in White
  • Also available in custom colors see item # 1260SP 


Walsh 1600 Race Kit
$40.95 - $250.00

1600 Race Kit by Walsh

If your bridle and lines are in good shape and you just need to replace your harness this Walsh Race Kit is for you!


  • Saddle
  • 40inch Saddle Pad
  • Elastic Girth
  • Nylon Buxton Black
  • Synthetic Crupper
    Walsh 1800 All-Synthetic Harness
    $19.95 - $439.95

    1800 Race Harness by Walsh

    This newly updated quick hitch style harness by Walsh is an excellent choice for all stages of Standardbred training from daily jogging to racing! Fully synthetic construction is maintenance free, saves on time spent cleaning, and is ideal for all weather conditions. Top quality stainless steel tree and couplers with molded synthetic keepers below couplers.

    Product Details:

  • Shaped Girth
  • Nylon Buxton
  • Crupper
  • Black Beta Lines
  • Black Beta Hand Holds
  • Open PCN Bridle
  • Two Headpole Straps
  • 40in Walsh Saddle Pad
    Walsh 1500 Harness
    $19.95 - $489.95

    Walsh 1500 Complete Harness

    Handcrafted with 100% quality lightweight materials with a traditional spin as a training harness. Features stainless steel keepers that mount to saddle, which keeps the top straps in place.

    Product Details:

  • Durable quick hitch harness for both racing and jogging.
  • Beta lines and hand holds
  • Nylon Buxton
  • Saddle
  • Girth
  • Crupper
  • Open Bridle with leather crown
  • Saddle pad
    Walsh 1600 Race Harness Complete
    $19.95 - $429.95


    Product Details:

    • Saddle with couplers
    • Elastic girth
    • Crupper
    • Beta lines & hand holds
    • Open PCN Bridle
    • 3/4 inch buxton
    • 40 inch nylon pad
    Saddle Pad  Nylon 40 Inch
    $16.50 - $17.95

    Nylon 40 inch Saddle Pad by Jacks.

    Product Details:

    • Black pads with accent trim
    • Easy to keep clean, just wash off.
    • Covered with water resistant nylon cordura fabric
    • Velcro fasteners
    • 7.5" Wide



    Saddle Pad Next Generation 40inch

    Wahlsten Nex Gen Saddle pads are durable and well fitting with Nex Gen technology and fits nearly all harness types.

    Product Details:

    • Highly breathable and sweat absorbing
    • High shock absorbing
    • Unbeatable comfort and fit for harness
    • 100% natural product with extra long life
    Saddle Pad 38in. Harness
    $18.95 - $20.95

    Nylon 38 inch Saddle Pad by Finn Tack

    Product Details:

    • Harness saddle pad
    • Made of water resistant Action Endura fabric.
    • Easy to keep clean.
    • These pads come as a black pad with white piping
    • Color option that you are chosing will be the trim color.
    • Approx 38" long and 7 1/4" wide
    • Comes with 6 velcro (tm) straps.
    Protecto Deluxe Harness
    $13.95 - $439.95

    Deluxe Harness by Protecto.

    Made of the same material their knee boots are made from. Offered with a miracle flex tree, which is inside the saddle, permits the saddle to flex and return to it's original shape. This miracle flex tree makes protecto's saddle fit your horse better than any saddle you have ever used,and resists rubbing your horse.

    Product Details:

    • Swivel Couplers
    • Saddle
    • Girth
    • Crupper
    • Soft touch buxton
    • Open bridle
    • Soft touch lines & hand holds
    • Soft touch caveson

    Saddle Pad Fleece 40in. Quick Hitch
    $13.95 - $14.95

    40 inch Fleece Saddle Pad by Country Pride

    Long fleece saddle pad for Quick Hitch Harness. Fuzzy fleece style material pad for harness is 40 inches long and 8 inches wide. Prevents horse back from getting sore.

    Feather-Weight 1800 Synthetic Standard Race Harness
    Was: $13.95 - $389.95
    SALE $13.95 - $339.95

    1800 Synthetic Race Harness by Feather-Weight

    Designed specifically for race horses, this Quick Hitch Harness Complete by Featherweight is perfect for the Standardbred trainer looking for the total harness package.

    Product Details:

  • Beta Handholds and Lines - The beta material is strong and requires little care and maintenance when compared to traditional leather
  • Nylon .75 Inch Buxton Martingale
  • Synthetic shaped girth which provides extra support and protection.
  • Synthetic saddle with leather lined conversion straps
  • Leather lined crupper
  • Open Bridle
    Zinger Ultra Harness
    $10.00 - $299.00

    The Zinger Ultra Harness with bridle is an exceptional value, without sacrificing any quality. All the features you would expect to find in any top name harness.

    Product Details:

    • Stainless steel couplers
    • Biothane straps with latigo lining
    • Stainless steel tree
    • Regular Girth with elastic ends for better fit
    • Black Buxton with all brass snaps
    • Beta lines and hand holds
    • Open Bridle
    Walsh 1500 Quick Hitch Kit Walsh
    $8.95 - $339.00

    Walsh 1500 Quick Hitch Kit

    Featuring durable stainless steel keepers that mount to saddle which keeps the top straps in place. This walsh harness is a durable quick hitch harness for both racing and jogging


  • Saddle
  • Girth
  • Nylon buxton
  • Crupper
  • Pad
    Saddle Pad Fleece Harness 20 Inch

    Short Fleece Saddle Pad by Country Pride

    20 inch fleece saddle pad attaches to the saddle of the harness, to provide a soft cushion between the horses back and the saddle. Prevents horse's back from being pinched and sore.

    Available in several colors.

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