Lunging Equipment

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Pessoa Lunging System

The Pessoa Lunging System is designed to encourage balance and gradual build up of topline. It consists of an easy-to-put-together array of ropes, pullys and clips, as well as a breeching strap that passes behind the horse's hind quarters, and is used in conjunction with a training surcingle while being lunged.

Product Details:

  • Adjustable length in key areas to fit a wide variety of horses
  • Fleece covered breeching strap to avoid rubbing
  • Engages the hind end while lunging
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Training Surcingle, bridle, bit & lunge line all sold seperately
Wembley Leather Lunging Cavesson

Wembley Leather Lunging Cavesson is indespensable for training & schooling of young horses or just regular daily lunge work. It is gentle on the horse's sensitive mouth. The softly padded noseband should be buckled in the same way as a regular noseband. The rings offer versatile possibilities to attach lunge reins or side reins.

Product Details:

  • High quality leather
  • Multiple attachment possibilties
  • Can be used with or without a bit
  • Padded to protect the sensitive bridge
  • Bit not included
Side Rein With Adjustable Dees

One of the easiest side rein to use. No more fumbling with buckles and keepers. Now adjusting your side reins is a snap.

Product Details:

  • Durable nylon construction
  • Elastic insert snaps on each end with 6 quick adjust d-rings
Deluxe Sliding Vienna Side Rein Black

Deluxe Sliding Vienna Side Rein by Tory Leather.

To be used when lunging the horse to develop balance and flexion, rein action is similar to that of the German Martingale. With added snaps to the rein ends and a snap and girth loop to the strap that attaches to the girth for easy on and off.

Product Details:

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Black
  • Use a snaffle bit with all side reins
  • Bit not included
Heavy Duty Harness Leather Lunging Caveson

Tory Leather Co. Heavy Duty Harness Leather Lunging Caveson

Product Details:

  • Features a soft fleece lined nose for comfort.
  • This caveson is a perfect compliment to your training equipment.
  • Nickel hardware
  • Made in the USA
Training Surcingle Neoprene 10 Ring

Training Surcingle

Handy to have in the barn! Great for a variety of training tools and highly adjustable.

Product Details:

  • Black neoprene training surcingle
  • Metal rings across the top for use with training attachments
  • Roller buckles on surcingles
  • Essential for lunging and line driving
  • Small/Cob is adjustable from 59in - 72in heart girth.
  • Medium/Average Horse is adjustable from 63in - 79in heart girth.
  • The billets are compatable with most dressage girths for custom fitting of larger and smaller horses
Lunging Caveson Fleece Padded Nose
Deluxe black nylon construction with neoprene lined fully jointed noseband for optimum comfort and control.
Lunging Caveson Neoprene Padded Nose

Deluxe black nylon construction with neoprene lined fully jointed noseband for optimum comfort and control.

Product Details:

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Neoprene padded noseband
  • Includes two browbands to accomodate multiple size horses.
Star Side Reins with Rubber Donut Rings

Star Side Reins with Rubber Donut Rings by Waldhausen. Ideal side reins for training. Excellent quality leather and built to last.

Product Details:

  • Highly adjustable
  • Rubber rings for some give
  • Snaps at one end & loops at the other
  • Traditional & classic design
Lunge Line With Snap Nylon 25 Ft

Lunge Line by Country Pride

Perfect for everyday use!

Product Details:

  • 1 in. width
  • Nylon lunge line
  • Solid brass snap 
  • 25 ft. long.
Cotton Lunge Line 27 ft

Flat black cotton lunge line with swivel connection at snap end.

Product details:

  • Measures: approximately 27' long
  • Cotton
  • Swivel connection at snap end
  • Padded hand loop
Lunge Line With Brass Snap 25 ft

Lunge Line by Big Dee's

Great for everyday use while showing off your colors!

Product Details:

  • 25 foot
  • Brass swivel snap 
  • Cotton
  • Colors: black/grey, navy/light blue, solid burgundy, black/hunter green, red/black
Neck Stretcher Elastic

Elastic neck stretcher

Is used to aid in proper poll flexion and bit acceptance. Encourages the horse to drop the head and reach into the bit. Snap at the girth billets for natural head set, or between the front legs for a head lowering effect. Snaps on each end with 1 sliding adjustment.

Lunge Line Rope With Snap 24 ft

Cotton Lunge Line by Big Dee's. Perfect for everyday use!

Product Details:

  • 24 ft long
  • Color: black
  • Cotton rope
  • Brass snap
Lunging Aid

Horze Lunging Aid.

Horze provides an innovative lunging aid to train a horse in a gentle manner. This lunging aid strengthens the back and stretches the top line without force. Using this gentle approach encourages the horse to stretch forward and down during lunging.

Product Details:

  • This training aid should be used for frequent short sessions for best results.
  • Great help when training the horse from the ground
  • Helps the horse move forward and begin to use their hind end properly
  • Helps strengthens the back and stretches the top line
  • The lunging aid does not come with lunging roller or bridle
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