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The smallest detail like a tire or tube can make all the difference. Choose from old style, touring, motorcycle, moped or upgrade to the deluxe Nitro wheels & tires. Replacement parts are also available like bearings, mud fenders, mud aprons, dust caps, gaiting straps, hubs and other hardware. Wether you're a Brodeur or Pennsbury fan, both brands are offered through Big Dee's. All jog carts ship directly from the manufacturer so you can be sure you're getting a pristine piece of equipment made to your custom specifications. Be sure to shop for the perfect harness to complement your jog cart.

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Wheels Motorcycle 18 inch Pair

18 Inch Motorcycle Wheels by Big Dee's

Product Details:

  • 18" Motorcyle wheels for Jogcarts
  • Includes complete wheel ready to install on cart
  • Country Pride Hub
  • Sold in pairs
  • Fits 9/16" axle rods

    Tube - 250 X 18in. Moped
    $7.95 - $8.95

    18 Inch Motorcycle Tube by M&M Turf Supply

    Product Details:

    • Replacement tube for motorcycle wheels
    • 18" tubes for jogcart wheels
    • Sold individually


    Tire - 250 X 18in. Moped
    $23.50 - $26.50

    Replacement Motorcycle Tire by M&M Turf Supply

    Product Details:

    • Replacement tire for 18" Jogcart Wheel
    • 250x18" Moped Tire
    Jog Cart Seat

    Replacement jog cart seat.

    Product Details:

    • Black
    • Foam Padded
    • Seat bolts included
    Victory Lap Competition Shine Detailer 16 oz

    Victory Lap Competition Shine Detailer to get a low-friction and deep gloss shine every time you put your vehicle on the track or in the ring.

    Product Details:

    • Use this proprietary formula on all hard surfaces including: paint, patent leather, chrome, brass, vinyl, stainless steel, plastic, clearcoat and other non-porous surfaces.
    • Safely cleans surfaces of dust, sweat, light oil, fingerprints, water spots, and wax.
    • Works great for all surfaces including vehicles, glass, implements, and throughout your tack room including chrome bit shanks, stirrups, show trunks, brow bands, show girths and other appointments.
    • Contains no wax, petroleum or silicon
    • Recommended for use on smooth polished surfaces with a clean non-scratch cloth
    • Dries ultra-fast for rapid last-minute results prior to competition.
    • The shine resists dust and will not leave behind a waxy film.
    Tire 20 X 2.125

    Replacement Tire 20 Inch by M&M Turf Supply

    Product Details:

    • Measurements: 20 x 2.125 tire
    • Replacement tire for certain jogcart wheels.
    • Sold individually
    Tube 24in. Thornproof Heavy

    24 Inch Thornproof Jogcart Tube by Kenda

    Product Details:

    • Heavy duty - Thornproof jog cart tube
    • 24" Jogcart wheel tube
    • Sold individually


    Mud Fenders Racebike Edwards

    Mud Fenders by Edwards

    Product Details:

    • Racebike mud fenders
    • Connect to arch-no arms
    • Will fit any bike but a blackjack.
    • Sold in pairs
    Mud Fenders Racebike Brodeur

    Mud Fenders by Brodeur

    Product Details:

    • Racebike mud fenders
    • Connect to arch-no arms
    • Will fit any bike but a blackjack
    • Sold in pairs.
    Gaiting Poles for Jogcart
    $200.00 - $250.00

    Gaiting Poles by Pennsbury

    Product Details

    • Pennsbury - gaiting poles for jog cart
    • Includes line rail that bolts onto the jogcart cross bar
    • Also includes 2 gaiting poles - one for each side of the horse
    • Choose correct model of jog cart

    *** Item ships directly from the manufacturer - please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery ***

    Dust Caps Pennsbury

    Replacement Dust Caps by Pennsbury

    Product Details:

    • Replacement dust cap for Pennsbury wheels
    • Choose Inside or Outside
    • Sold individually
    Nitro Wheels 28 Inch Pair Stock Colors

    Nitro Wheels are the best selling harness racing wheels in the world!

    Nitro still makes the only true one-piece wheel in the business. Their quality, strength and durability along with the best hub in the business have made us the most in-demand wheel in harness racing.

    Product Details:

    • Nitro makes the original equipment wheel for the UFO Sulky, the Spider Sulky and the Telstar Sulkies.
    • All of their wheels and parts are manufactured in our own plant
    • All White are stock items, additional colors are special order please allow 3-4 weeks for your shipment to arrive.
    • Hub specification is required in order to process your order.
    • All Special/Custom orders are non-returnable/non-refundable.
    Replacement Disc Tape

    Disc Tape by M&M Turf Supply

    Product Details:

    • Replacement foam tape for racebike disks 5.5 feet per disc
    • Works on racebike wheel disc that do not require Velcro


    Quick Hitch Race Bike Attachments

    Quick Hitch Racebike Attachments

    Product Details:

    • Attachment for racebike to make it a quick hitch style
    • Features 2 slots to snap into
    • Stainless steel
    • Sold in pairs
    Quick Hitch Jog Cart Attachments

    Quick Hitch Jogcart Attachments

    Product Details:

    • Attachment for jogcart to make it a quick hitch style
    • Features 1 slot bolt on style
    • Stainless steel
    • Includes bolts to attach to cart
    • Sold in pairs
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