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Purina Outlast Treats 3.5 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Help your horse feel and perform their best with Purina Outlast. These treats are made from same great formula that Purina's Outlast Gastric support pellets are made from. Made to support optimal gastric pH. Horses love the taste and you will feel great giving them a treat that also supports their digestive system.

Product Details:

  • Supports optimal gastric pH
  • Palatable treat
  • Same formula as Purina Outlast
  • 5 to 6 treats help support optimal gastric pH
  • 3.5 lb
Purina Carb Conscious HorseTreats 5 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Feed your horse a treat that you will feel good about. Purina's Carb Conscious treats are especially formulated for horses that have metabolic concerns. These treats are low in both starch and sugar. You would have to feed 167 Carb Conscious treats to equal the amount of sugar in 1 Apple.

Product Details:

  • Low in Sugar and Starch
  • Supports the maintenance of optimal glucose and insulin response to feeding
  • Formulated for horses that have metabolic concerns
  • 167 Treats = Sugar in 1 apple
  • 5 lbs
Buckeye All Natural Horse Treats 4 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Buckeye Nutrition Treats 4 lb

  • All natural
  • No sugar added
  • No additives, preservatives or artifical flavors
  • Available in apple, peppermint & carrot
Jolly Mega Ball and Cover - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$17.99 - $39.99

Jolly Mega Ball by Horsemen's Pride. This heavy duty inflatable ball is made specifically for horses.  This durable exercise ball that can be used for enjoyment or training and is a favorite of Natural Horsemanship practitioners. Please note: The Mega Ball and Mega Ball Covers are sold separately.

Product Details:

  • Inflatable Ball
  • Foot pump is included in 25" and 30" only
  • Available Sizes: 25", 30" and 40"

Be sure to choose the appropriate size ball that corresponds with the size of your horse. To ensure continued long lasting enjoyment, store your Jolly Mega Ball indoors when not under supervised use

Jolly Mega Ball Cover by Horsemen's Pride. These covers are made as a decorative and protective cover for the Jolly Mega Ball.  They come in three sizes and designs compatible with your Jolly Mega Ball.

Product Details:

  • Decorative cover for use with Jolly Mega Ball. 
  • 100% polyester.
  • Machine washable
  • For ease of use, apply cover before your Jolly Mega Ball is fully inflated rotating the cover opening to allow further filling of your Jolly Mega Ball
Horsemens Pride Amazing Graze Pasture Toy and Treat Dispenser - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

The Horsemens Pride Amazing Graze Toy is a smart and effective way to keep your horses happy and occupied. This durable treat-dispensing toy prevents against stall boredom and encourages a happy, well mannered attitude in your animal. Perfect for horses that are turned out in the paddock, it's made of heavy duty poly construction to hold up with even the most "playful" of horses! It's also a wonderful boredom buster for horses that may be on stall rest due to rehab or injury. With ample room to clean and fill the treat container, you can provide your horse with hours of entertainment.

Product Details:

  • Made of heavy-duty polyethene
  • 4" access hole for filling treats or cleaning
  • Single dispenser hole measures 2"
  • Dimensions: 20" long x 15" wide at widest part. Cylindrical middle is 12" long x 9" in diameter
  • Perfect for stalls or turnout!
Rock Salt 100% Pure Himalayan - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $6.99 - $15.95
SALE $4.99 - $9.99

Pure and healthy, 100% pure Himalayan salt licks are full of naturally occurring minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium, which are vital for a healthy horse and is evidenced in the beautiful rose coloring of these special salt licks.

Product Details:

  • Rope hung Himalayan salt lick
  • The high density of pure Himalayan salt licks resist breakage and biting in order to last longer.
  • When given a choice many horses actually prefer the Himalayan salt licks over the more traditional pressed salt lick.
Jolly Stall Snack Holder with Jolly Ball and Treat Refills  - TB
$5.99 - $33.99

Bringing the best of both worlds together, The Jolly Stall Snack Holder with Jolly Ball is a great boredom breaker for horses stalled for long periods of time! With a swivel snap bot both the snack holder and apple scented Jolly Ball, there are a variety of yummy flavors available to match your horse's palate. Liven up your horse's stall to keep him happy, healthy, and prevent nasty habits from occuring.

Product Details:

  • 24" total length
  • Ball has a 12" diameter
  • Snack Holder is 3.5" tall on the inside and has approximately 5.5" diameter
  • Prevents vices such as weaving, cribbing, pacing, and more
  • Refill flavors include Apple, Molasses, Mint, Carrot, and Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Each refill weighs approximately 1.50 lb
  • Treat not included
  • Apple scented Jolly Ball
Jolly Ball 10 Inch  Assorted Colors - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $17.95
SALE $12.95

Equine Jolly Ball by Horseman's Pride. Oops, Our number one top selling horse toys the Jolly Ball by Horsemens Pride, have gone through production with irregular colors ranging from red with white flecks to deep purple. 

Product Details:

  • Size: 10"
  • Puncturing and biting will not destroy this ball. 
  • Does not need air to inflate. 
  • Not guaranteed against tears.
  • Color:  Assorted "Oops" colors ranging from red to purple.

While supplies last!

Pyranha Grooming Gloves - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $22.95
SALE $15.99

Rub & Scrub Grooming Gloves by Pyranha make an excellent grooming tool that can be used wet or dry. Great for removing dirt and grim from mud, sweat spots, manure stains and so much more. Nodules on the palm and fingers of the glove gently massage your horses muscles and stimulates circulation while grooming. Gloves contour to the shape of the horses legs and face.

Product Details:

  • Use wet or dry
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Distributes natural oils in coat
  • Massages muscles
  • Removes dirt and grim
  • Great shedding tool
  • Two sizes Md or Lg
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