Safety Notices

  • ERS update on the pending Ovation Protégé helmet recall

    • The manufacturing label date range of the proposed recall on affected Ovation Protégé helmets covers affected Protégé helmets with manufacturing label dates ranging 12/2020 through 12/2022.
    • We recommended that consumers discontinue use of their Ovation Protégé helmets with manufacturing label dates ranging 12/2020 through 12/2022.

    From English Riding Supply LLC -

    “At English Riding Supply LLC (ERS), rider safety has always been a top priority. With this in mind, ERS has determined that some of its Ovation Protégé model equestrian helmets may not comply with the ASTM F1163-15 impact test requirement, even though the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) has certified the Ovation Protégé as compliant with the ASTM F1163-15 requirements for many years.

    Much to our surprise, additional testing performed at independent laboratories on behalf of ERS indicates that some helmets may not comply with the impact test requirements. We believe this affects a limited number of Ovation Protégé helmets manufactured during a specific time period.

    ERS will be conducting a voluntary recall on Ovation Protégé helmets with the limited manufacturing date range of 12/2020 through 12/2022.”

    Please follow the steps outlined below to check if your helmet is included in the recall and what to do if it is.

    1. Please check your Ovation Protégé helmet manufacturing label located beneath the inside liner. The recall is for dates ranging from 12/2020 to 12/2022. If it falls within this range, Big Dee’s Tack and Vet Supply will replace it with an Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet free of charge.

    2. In order to process the free replacement, Big Dee’s will need you to cut the harness of your helmet into two pieces and take a picture of the full helmet along with the pieces of the destroyed harness as pictured below. A picture of the manufacturing label inside the helmet as shown above will need to be emailed to

    3. Upon receipt of the images, Big Dee’s customer service team will help get you outfitted with the Ovation Deluxe Schooler free replacement in the size and color that you need. Please click here for all the Deluxe Schooler options.

    Big Dee’s values your business and prioritizes your safety at all times, please do not delay in reaching out to our customer service team at 1-800-321-2142 or come into the store for assistance with this recall.

  • URGENT PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE - Charles Owen - Medium size Halo Riding Helmet


    The Directors of COMFG Ltd (trading as “Charles Owen”) wish to record and in doing so advise that the Medium size Halo Riding Helmet as identified below, is to be recalled with immediate effect.

    Product - Halo & Halo Luxe Riding Helmet

    Size -   Medium, size range HM55: HM58

    Colours / Style - All

    Serial / Batch numbers

    63752  62483  62490  62487  62485  62484  64796  64810  64799  64801  64804  64805  64806            62493  62489  62482  65390  65016  65013  65014  64865  69360  72590  72591  71461  69359            69362  69363  71458  71452  73339  73340  73230  73231  73232  71456  71457  71459  71462            71463  71464  71466  71467  71468  71475  73448  73453  73457  73459  73543  71469  71477            73444  73446  73447  73449  73450  73451  73452  73454  73456  73458  73460  73474  68014            73473  73478  73445  73461  73462  73463  73464  73465  73470  73471  73472  73475  73476            73477  73479  67994  67996  68007  68010  68011  68012  68017  68018  68019  68022  68027 68009  73258  71450  71451  71454  71465  71470  71472  71474  71476  71478  71479  71482            71483  71486  71487  71488  71489  73455  73852  73849  68021  68025  71453  74570  74586            74590  74678  74679  74681  74683  74684  74685  74689  74691  74692  74877  74878  74880            67997  68008  73257  73260  71460  71481  71484  74440  74451  74452  74453  74456  74469            74573  74589  74593  74615  74458  67993

    The helmet was originally subject to, and passed, the following standards and tests;

    PAS 015:2011 (Including VG1) 

    BSI report number: - 253/3318455 full type approval    date 16/02/2021

    EU type examination certificate No CE 700959

    Which includes: - general construction, retention system, area of protection, shock absorption flat and hazard anvils, penetration, retention system strength/ effectiveness, Durability of quick- release mechanisms, stability of helmet, lateral deformation, peak deflection, durability of marking.

    ASTM F1163:15

    Report number: - R10674-A, R10659, R10739 for Initial certification Date 15/12/20

    Which includes: -, retention system, shock absorption flat and hazard anvils, durability of marking

    However, upon further testing, a potential fault was found in a small sample which could mean, under some conditions, the inner of the element might detach from the shell.

    Please note that this recall does not apply to Small or Large Halo Riding Helmets which are not subject to the potential fault.

    All of the helmets noted above are to be recalled and returned to the point of sale.

    The company will replace each helmet with a new helmet at no cost to the user.

    The new helmet has been modified to correct the potential fault.



    It has come to our attention that there have been reported cases of half cheek snaffle bits that have broken while in use. At this time the origin of the bits has not been determined.  They appear to be bits that are 2-3 years old.

    We are urging everyone to please check you bits immediately.  If you have a bit that has "play" between the mouthpiece and the cheeks please discontinue use immediately.  We will be posting more information as it becomes available. 

    Please contact our customer service department immediately if you have any questions.

    "Big D"
    Big Dee's Tack

    UPDATE: 04-09-2009

    Regarding #432 half cheek snaffle bits purchased from us sometime between December of 2005 and March of 2007.

    There have been reported cases of snaffle bits similar to these breaking. In an attempt to keep all of our customers informed and safe we are doing a voluntary recall of these snaffle bits.

    It is virtually impossible at this time to determine where these bits have come from.  People have had them in their barns over the years and are uncertain of their age or origin.

    We are asking that you please return the bits you purchased from us and we will replace your bits with brand new bits.  We began purchasing the bits we currently stock in March of 2007.  These bits are manufactured using a different process and are of superior quality to the broken bits we have seen.  Please be sure you check all the bits in your barn regularly.  The pin that connects the mouth piece to the cheek is what has broken in the bits we have seen.   If you have "play" between this part of your bit please return it to us for replacement.

    Your safety is very important to us.  Please check your bits immediately.  We are asking that you return them to us at :
    Big Dee's Tack 
    9998 State Route 43 
    Streetsboro, OH 44241  
    We will immediately ship you replacement bits.  

    If you have any additional questions or concerns please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-321-2142.


    Dennis Osterholt
    "Big D"

    Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supply

    UPDATE: 04-14-09
    Regarding: #911 Frisco June snaffle bits purchased from use between January 2005 and December 2007

    The voluntary recall has been expanded to cover the #911 Frisco June leather covered snaffle bits. The #432 snaffle bits were used in the manufacture of the leather covered Frisco June style bits. Please inspect all Frisco June snaffle bits purchased from us between January of 2005 and December of 2007. If you have a bit that has "play" between the mouthpiece and the cheeks please discontinue use immediately and contact
    Big Dee's Customer Service department for further information at 1-800-321-2142.