Thoroughbred Tack

Looking for high-quality Standardbred racing tack? Look no further than Big Dee's. Established in 1976, Big Dee's is ranked the #1 seller across the nation for Standardbred racing tack. Featuring all the top brands Walsh, Jacks, Featherweight, Xtreme, Protecto, Wahlsten, and more. Big Dee's is a one-stop shop with everything you need to keep your horse comfortable and performing at its best. No matter what your budget is Big Dee's has a wide array and other necessities to help your horse race at its best!

Bridles, Forks & Yokes

Race/Exercise Saddles

Girths, Irons & Pads

Helmets & Vests

Blinker Hoods

Racing Bats

Bandages & Wraps

Racing Bits

Jockey Goggles