Digestive Health

Digestive Supplements for Horses

The horse has a small stomach and accounts for about 10% of the horse’s digestive tract. The food enters the stomach and remains there for approximately 30-45 minutes and only fills to about two-thirds ending up in the small intestine before it has been treated by the stomach’s digestive juices. When you combine that with increased stress associated with high-level performance, it is essential that you are providing your horse with a supplement that supports digestive health especially with the amount of processed food that enters the system. Our wide selection of digestive supplements provides horses with the preventative care they need for a healthy system. These supplements also treat ulcers and other discomforts by using in powder, liquid, pellet, paste, or gel form. Choose from trusted brands including Vitaflex, Finish Line, Uckele, Cox Vet Labs, Farnam and more.

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