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Azoturion by Spectra is a potent liquid solution of nutrients (magnesium, DMG, vitamin E) and herbs (garlic, licorice, dandelion, lemon balm) designed to reduce lactic acid, lower SGOT and alleviate tying-up.

Administer 3 oz per day for the first 5 days, then 2 oz per day.
This product works best when used in conjunction with Mega-Sel or Mega-Flx.

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By Valued Customer
September 12, 2016
"Azoturian works very well as long as you understand it will only drop your horses SGOT blood count about 200-250 pts per week. You need to continue using it after the SGOT reaches normal blood counts. I used it in combination with MegaSel and found it to work as advertised. My horse readily took it orally and it is easy to use. Pricey but worth the money. "
By Mike
April 12, 2016
"If you have a horse who runs a high SGOT count and continuously ties up when training, Azoturion is for you! My mare constantly ran a high SGOT count. It tried everything with no luck! After my mare trained bad, I took her blood and her SGOT was 4237! I tried Azoturion and 13 days later I took it again and her SGOT was down to 1021. Another 7 days later her SGOT was 792. Another 7 days later, it was down to 484, which was the lowest it had been in months! A week later she won a race. Azoturion is a product that definitely works!"