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Barn Bag 11 lb

Item# 49024
Weight: FOB 11.0 Lbs
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Life Data Labs Barn Bag is custom formulated to create a superior equine diet to provide the correct amounts and ratios of nutrients.

The demands of additional work, along with less grazing time, require the addition of concentrated energy and other nutrients into the diet. With Barn Bag most horses will require less feed due to increased feed efficiency. Also balanced nutrition translates to high digestibility and lower by-products in the fecal matter and urine. Balanced nutrition also increases bone and connective tissue strength, leading to healthier bones and joints, Improved hoof quality and glossy hair coat.

The Barn Bag pellets are fed based on nutrient requirements that are independent to energy requirements, thereby preventing nutrient deficiencies or nutrient excesses. This enables you to vary the caloric intake for your horse for obesity control, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, or increasing calories for work, hard keepers, cold weather, etc. while at the same time providing optimal nutrition.

Each vacuum packaged and foil sealed 11 lb. bag is a sixty day supply for an adult 1000 lb. horse engaged in average activity.

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April 12, 2016
"I have had my mares on barn bag for about 9 months. They are doing well on grass hay and their barn bag."