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Blanket Safe Wash and Deodorizer Fresh Linen 33.8 oz

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Especially formulated for washing your horse's blankets and saddle pads. Keep them clean and remove bacteria that can lead to cross contamination between horses and barns. Blanket Safe Wash is an cold-water wash that is detergent-free. Blanket Safe Wash and Deodorizer is low-sudsing, residue free and has built-in deodorizers. No harmful chemicals, safe for sensitive horses and made with EPA approved raw materials. Blanket Safe Wash will not ruin or deteriorate factory applied waterproofing, most manufacturers recommend re-waterproofing your blankets after 2 seasons. Washing in cold water lengthens the life of most fabrics and can reduce the degrading of blankets. Blanket Safe Wash does not block the breahability of blankets and sheets. Blanket Safe Wash can be used on saddle pads and saddle blankets but is not recommended for high-end natural fibers such as wool, high fiber cottons or natural fleece.

Product Details:

  • Gently removes bacteria and grime
  • Cold-water wash
  • Detergent-free
  • Low sudsing
  • Residue free
  • No harmful chemicals
  • EPA approved raw materials
  • Will not harm waterproofing
  • 33.8oz will wash 4-5 loads depending on soiling and load size
  • Not recommended for high end natural fibers such as wool, high fiber cottons or natural fleece

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