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Brewers Yeast 12.5 lb

Item# 1029
Weight: FOB 13.0 Lbs
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Brewers Dried Yeast by Gateway Products is a feed supplement for use in the animal's regular feed, formulated to provide supplemental B Complex Vitamins that may be lacking in the animal's regular feed. Feeding Brewers Yeast can provide a benefit in horse diets by improving feed digestion and nitrogen retention.

Increased fiber digestion and better feed efficiency are the most common benefits of yeast supplementation. Yeast products that have been efficacious at improving fiber digestion in ruminant diets have also been efficacious at improving fiber digestion in horse diets.

The improved nutrient digestion and feed efficiency has a wide array of benefits for horses at different stages of life, especially growth, breeding, mid-to-late gestation, and early lactation. Performance horses during training and conditioning have also shown benefits of yeast supplementation. Brewer's Yeast is a rich source of B Complex vitamins and Amino Acids.

A 12.5 lb container provides one horse with up to a 200 day supply.

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Bottineau, ND
June 01, 2017
"I got this product for my 4yr old standardbred mare who gets hot on the track. This just helps her stay calmer and more collected. Its a great product that I've used on other horses in the past as well."