Cavalor SoZEN Calming Powder 400 gm

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Cavalor SoZen is the first calming supplement of its kind that pinpoints on the negative affects of Adrenaline - Cortisol imbalances, helping to alleviate panicky, overly hot or anxious horses. SoZen is a well-balanced herbal mixture of Avena Sativa, Betula, Glycyrrhiza glabra,and Allium sativa . It will reduce the impact on tension on the horse, which will create less stress into the horse. Most horses react well to Sozen, however, if the horse has not calmed down sufficiently with the use of the individual products, it is advisable to combine Cavalor SoZen with Cavalor Takit Easy, which is rich in tryptophan, that works more on the Methionine/ Serotonin balance and is very complementary to SoZen.

Product Details:

  • First supplement that specifically targets imbalance of Adrenaline - Cortisol in chronically stressed horses
  • Includes ginseng, hops, licorice, and marigold for well-rounded calming support
  • Targets multiple key areas, including hormones, kidney function, anxiety, and immune health
  • Maximum dosage: 60 grams per day
  • Each 400 g container provides up to a 10 day supply

Note: The first time you use Cavalor SeZen you have to give a Starting Boost of minimal 10 days 30g per day (four scoops). This is needed to rebalance the Adrenaline - Cortisol balance. Sometimes after 4 - 5 days the horse might even get a little more tensed, but this is because the Cavalor SoZen start to work on the balance. After the Startup boost you can use SoZen 2 days, 15 gr / day (two scoops) before the day on which the horse should be calm.


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