Clipper Blade For Oster A5 A6 Power Max PowerPro Ultra

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Oster Professional blades are produced from the finest high-carbon steel and handcrafted to our rigorous standards, providing unparalleled precision and performance. Patented Cryogen-XTM manufacturing process produces a harder, sharper blade that extends the life of the blade. Skip teeth blades penetrate thick fluffly coats easily without flattening the coat. F blades leave a plush finish.


  • 3F - 1/2” Use when clipping Shih Tzu, Maltese other drop coated breeds, Longer full teeth act like a comb as it moves through coat
  • 3 Skip Tooth - 1/2" Ideal for Curly coated dogs, Skip teeth penetrate thick fluffy coats easily without flattening the coat
  • 4F - 3/8” Use when clipping hard coated Terriers & Spaniel back patterns. Leaves a nice finish when clipping drop coated breeds
  • 4 Skip Tooth -Ideal for fluffy type coats, Use for natural looking coats on Terriers & Bichons
  • 5F - 1/4” Ideal for a nice finish in drop coated breeds, Use when clipping Terriers &; Spaniel back patterns
  • 5 Skip Tooth- 1/4" Ideal for removing matted or heavy coarse coats, Use for natural looking coats on Terriers
  • 7F - 1/8” Fast feeding blade best used for shaving extremely matted dogs, never clip into the fold of the skin
  • 7 Skip Tooth - 1/8"  Penetrates curly coats, Best for shaving extremely matted dog, never clip into the fold of the skin

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By Carrie H.
April 12, 2016
"Oster always make good quality products. Clipped the dogs with ease!"