Confidence EQ Equine Appeasing Pheromone Gel 10 Pack

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Confidence EQ from Ceva Animal Health is a pheromone gel designed to help reduce stress in your horse. It replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal. Based on the science of pheromone communication, Confidence EQ speaks to your horse in a language they instinctually understand.

Product Details:

  • 10 x 5 mL
  • 10 individual doses
  • Apply 30 minutes before stressful situation
  • Recommended for all ages
  • Uses: During transportation, vet/farrier visits, fearful situations, new environments and training.

* Confidence EQ is not a banned or controlled medication on the FEI prohibited substance list.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 5 reviews)

February 08, 2018
"Have used this twice on my insecure OTTB. Really saw a difference...more focus, less hollering and so easy to use."
Copper Canyon, TX
December 16, 2017
" Worked great on a youngster who is bad with his feet , fidgets and pulls away. No way was he having any part of the farrier stand. Used this product and never once fidgeted, pulled away, and even let the farrier do all of his feet on the stand and cradle , even the back feet. Did all 4 in the time it usually takes 1 hoof. My farrier was amazed. I always use it for extra safety when riding the trails on cold , windy days when hunters are out to keep my horse calm and focused. "
Coatesville, PA
March 10, 2017
"This stuff is amazing!! We were given a sample at Rolex and we used it on my daughter's pony and he was the best he had ever been. I was not convinced that it was the Confidence EQ, maybe he just being really good. My son's pony would get so hyped at competitions that I stared to have to give him Ace just so my son could ride him. Then we tried this product and I'm a true believer. He is so mellow, sane and safe now. Also works great on Thoroughbreds off the track "
berryville, VA
February 18, 2017
"i use this product pre race for all of my horses. it helps them remain calm during all of the prerace stress"
August 15, 2016
"I used this for a farrier's visit on 2 horses and a pony with great results. On my gelding it was amazing. He was so mellow and cooperative. On my extremely difficult mares it was amazing on the pony and on the horse- she was greatly improved and the farrier got her trimmed without endangering himself. "