Cornell Collar Throat Support Device

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The Cornell Collar Throat Support Device is used on horses that have been diagnosed with soft palate displacement.

There are three versions of this Cornell Collar. All three work in the same basic manner to position the larynx (voicebox) in a more forward and upward position that stabilizes it during strenuous work.

  • TSD-1 (Orignial in Brown Leather or Black Bioplastic) - This collar works well for Thoroughbreds, Trotters or Pacers, or Quarter horses. Consists of a head strap with crown piece, lifting mechanism and an integrated Figure 8 noseband.
  • TSD-2 (Thoroughbred Brown Leather) - Includes the TSD1 with attached bridle crown and cheek pieces (bit not included)
  • TSD-3 (Standardbred Black Bioplastic) - The TSD-3 is a modification of the Cornell Collar designed for harness race horses. The headstrap and lifting mechanism are identical to the TSD-1 and TSD-2 but instead of a Figure 8 noseband, the TSD-3 incorporates a harness racing caveson. This modification allows attachment of head poles and other equipment and is easier to consistently adjust than other models.

The device should be used only after your veterinarian has diagnosed an upper airway problem such as dorsal displacement of the soft palate that is likely to be improved by positioning the larynx in a more dorsal and rostral location.

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