Cox Vet Labs The Enhancer 32 oz

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The Enhancer's formula by Cox Vet Labs is especially effective because of its unique ability to trigger a powerful (but safe) chain reaction. Gamma Oryzanol is thought to stimulate the body to produce more of the second ingredient, Pregnenolone, which, in turn, stimulates increased bodily production of DHEA. The three of them stimulate improved production from the body's hormone and glandular systems. This sophisticated blend puts The Enhancer out in front as the most promising product for optimizing a horse's speed and strength in a safe and healthy way while increasing muscle mass.

Whether a horse is a yearling in training, in the prime of life or has moved into the teens, The Enhancer might be the best supplement for building muscle and speed, while enhancing overall health. In one and two-year-olds, The Enhancer stimulates the building of strong bones and connective tissue, as well as muscle and speed. It helps the horse in its prime to develop optimal strength and speed. As a horse ages, this unique product helps it to maintain the hormone production levels of its youth, thus helping the equine body maintain peak muscularity, speed, alertness, and overall health to a more advanced age.

Product Details:

  • Includes Gamma Oryzanol, Pregnenolone, which work in combination to stimulate production of DHEA
  • Optimizes speed and strength in a healthy way while increasing muscle mass
  • Can be used in various stages of age and development
  • 64 Day supply

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Customer Reviews

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Haughton , LA
November 19, 2018
"This enhancer really works on my horses gives them power and weight builds muscles made a believe in it"
April 12, 2016
"I just want to say u cant go with this enhancer ,Ive notice my horse has a lot more power and can stand for me to pusher her longer than normal,one thing I will say is I will use this product as long as I own a standardbred."
April 12, 2016
"This stuff good very help full for horses to perform better in races which my horses do."