dac Pre Buff Gallon - Minerals and Amino Acids for Gut pH

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Ideal additional to your feeding regimen if your horse struggles with stress. Horses can be stressed by Weaning, Training, Trailering, Deworming, Performance and more. Pre-Buff helps maintain proper gut pH, it works quickly and does not test. Containing Magnesium to work as a buffer, neutralizing excess acid. High quality source of Calcium works as a buffer and also benefiting bone health. dac Pre Buff contains essential amino acid called Threonine which is utilized much more readily than other amino acids. Threonine retains approximately 60% to form a mucus layer coating the gut lining to create a physical barrier to protect against acid. Glycine is another vital animal acid that inhibits gastric secretion and supports healthy gastric mucosa. Pre Buff by dac can be fed with fortified or unfortified grains. Feed at a lower rate if feeding fortified grains, as they contain added vitamins and minerals.

Product Details:

  • Indications for use - Stress
  • Maintains proper pH in gut
  • Works quickly
  • Does not test
  • Neutralizes gastric acid
  • Special ingredients work as buffers
  • Contains essential Amino Acids
  • Creates physical barrier to protect against acid
  • Can be fed with fortified or unfortified grains
  • Feed at lower rate if feeding fortified grains

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