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Deluxe Equine Slipper

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The Equine Slipper is a revolutionary advancement for the equine industry. Developed to aid in treating, medicating and protecting the equine hoof, allowing the hoof to breathe while being treated and can actually replace a foot wrap all together!

Product Details:

  • Constructed of heavy ply cordura with high grade leather base.
  • The durable, yet pliable material allows a comfortable fit and makes them safe and easy to apply.
  • Velcro opening is wide enough to slip in the hoof in and tighten the Velcro tabs to create a snug, perfect fit which eliminates any discomfort your horse may experience with regular foot wraps.
  • Provides protection
  • Keeps the hoof clean
  • Holds medication in place
  • Replaces bulky foot wraps
  • Safe and easy to apply 100% machine washable!
  • Sold individually
  • Not for use during exercise


  • Small: 4.75" W x 4.75in. L
  • Medium: 5.75" W x 6" L
  • Large: 6.5" W x 6.25" L
  • Extra Large: 7.25" W x 7" L

Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"The boot fit very well according to the measurements and appeared very nice. It does not seem to be very durable- after only a few uses of 10-12 hours each, there was already a section of nylon that was wearing through. I used it only in the stall and it wore through, so I would definitely not recommend it for turnout. The velcro is strong and holds well and I like the fit of the boot, but it is not as durable as I had hoped it would be."
By Laura

April 12, 2016
"I have used these slippers for several years. They are not designed for riding. My horse has had cushings for nearly 20 years, first showing signs at the young age of 8. Part of managing his health is keeping him comfortable so he can move. These boots do not rub the skin raw when used for long periods. They allow the hoof to breathe, so there is no sweating and the hoof stays dry & hard. The only down side is the stitching is not strong. So we often need to use a strong glue to hold the bottom to the upper part of the boot."
By Carol
April 12, 2016
"I bought this slipper to put over a hoof dressing for an abscess. It really helped to keep the dressing in place but still needs to be checked for placement under slipper. He was stall bound and when his lameness improved I let him romp in the arena and dressing slipped after day 3. Helps keep dressing clean and slipper machine washes well. I did have to secure slipper with duct tape around closure"
By Carol

April 12, 2016
"Equine slipper was perfect. My horse has Cushings so he presented with laminitis. On top of that he had an abscess. Slippers gave him the healing time he needed."
By Laura
April 12, 2016
"We love these slippers. Have used them for years for our cushings horse. They are easy on, easy off, breathe well, do not chafe. Not designed for riding, but are great for care of sore hooves. The only drawback is the stitching wears out quickly. We use a strong glue when small holes appear between the sole and boot. We get more uses out of them that way."