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The best of both worlds!

The Easyboot Glove Back Country takes the best features of the Easyboot Glove and combines them with the Easyboot Trail. The Glove Back Country concept pairs the form-fitting fitting Glove chassis and incorporates an easy to secure upper modeled after the Trail.

The Easyboot Glove Back Country is Adorned With Features:

  • The Comfort Cup Gaiter is incorporated into the rear of the boot for the latest technology in support and protection of the soft tissue areas.
  • The lightweight upper stabilizes the boot on the hoof Quick and easy to put on and take off: no strength or force required. 
  • Available in 18 regular and wide sizes to fit most breeds (see sizing chart below) Completely convertible: built on the Easyboot Glove chassis, this boot can be converted into an Easyboot Glove or Easyboot Glue-On (note: additional accessories required).
  • Sold in singles.

The Most Luxurious Hoof Boot in the World

If you want the finest boot money can buy, this is the boot for you! The Easyboot Glove Back Country is recommended for medium to high mileage riding of 25 – 50 miles per week.

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Customer Reviews

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By Valued Customer
September 13, 2016
"I was pretty excited about getting theses boots for my Haflinger. First ride out the Velcro tabs on the back would not stay secured. They kept popping off..It was suggested by friends that I cut them off as they seemed unnecessary. I left them on. Second ride out, both boots were sucked off in the first muddy spot on the trail. One of them completely separated the outer cover, ruining the boot. I sent them back to Big D for a refund. Their customer service was very good. "
By Bridget Holdar
April 12, 2016
"I have tried several different boots on my horse. He is a Morgan with small feet, high heels in the front and one club foot in the front. These boots dont come off, dont rub his bulbs and have good traction on the pavement and really rocky surfaces and they wear well. We trail ride for 3-5 hours at a time in the desert with extremely rocky terrain. They are easy to put on and take off. The screws will back out if you dont put clear nail polish on them before you use them to keep them in. All but one of the horse owners at my stable use these boots and we all swear by them."
By Nancy
April 12, 2016
"These boots have made my horses life much better..he was tenderfooted on gravel so I researched boots and bought these. Being a first time boot user I was skeptical but I am very happy with my purchase. The only problem that I had was that when he got a little hinky on the trail and side stepped he stepped on the opposite boot and it came off..otherwise I have ridden thru water, mud, cantered and they have performed as expected."
April 12, 2016
"If these fit your horse, then they are great. I used the fit kit to ensure the correct size. Note that one can go up 0.5 size in the back countries vs regular gloves, as the gaiter acts like a power strap and holds the V of the boot closed. I use them in turnout and to ride."
By Michelle
April 12, 2016
"Love these boot they are easy to put on and they stay on it the deepest mudd. Definately and Highly recomend these boot for anyone who want thier horse to go barefoot. You do however need th clean them after each use but well worth it."