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The Easyboot Rx by EasyCare is just the prescription for horses requiring a therapy boot that offers stability and support without being heavy or clunky.

Veterinarians, hoof care professionals and horse owners alike rely on the Easyboot Rx to help horses heal and recover quickly. It provides support and relief for horses suffering from chronic lameness, laminitis, founder, navicular and other lower limb/hoof problems. The boot can be used to speed recovery and offer protection after surgery or injury, lessen fatigue and add protection during trailering as well as offer a safeguard in the breeding shed.

The sole of the Easyboot Rx is a combination of durable and soft material, much like that used in human orthotics, in a light weight package. All seams and edges of the upper are rounded for safety. Three air vents provide air circulation keeping the hoof cool while preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris. Each boot comes fitted with an EasyCare Comfort Pad to provide immediate relief and additional sole support. Replacement comfort pads in three densities are available at a very affordable price.

Application is quick and easy. The unique upper of the Easyboot Rx folds down and opens large enough to accommodate the wide base of a hoof, allowing for quick application without strength or force. After the hoof is placed in the Easyboot Rx, two hook and loop tabs are fastened to provide a secure fit. A quick pull on the hook and loop tabs and the Easyboot Rx is easily slipped off the hoof. Each boot has a double hook and loop lock system that prevents the boot from opening unintentionally.

The Easyboot Rx is not intended for riding but can be used for light turn out. Sold individually. Please refer to the label and video for sizing information.

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Customer Reviews

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By Marcia Lane
Mulberry, FL
October 10, 2017
"My Shetland pony foundered over a month ago and he has a lot of difficulty walking at this stage. I ordered easy boots for him, have packed his soles with Epsom salt poultice , put on the boots and he is navigating the pasture much better. They do not rub his ankles like I thought they might. He has worn them 24/7 for a week with only a fresh batch of poultice put on his feet daily and the boots put right back on. he is so much more comfortable. These are great boots and sturdy."
By Karen Copeland
Hillsborough, NC
June 08, 2016
"Warning!!! If horse is not kept in very small area and able to run this boot is not for you. My guy was gimpy from a trim but the boot did make him feel better. Better enough that he blasted around the paddock and promptly completely blew out the boot, tearing it so it is no longer usable. Maybe I should contact Easyboot."
By Bonnie Allen
April 12, 2016
"My 28 year old mare has foundered several times. This time was in January in Upstate New York and was a really bad case, we almost lost her. Our Vet and Farrier suggested boots and my daughter did some reaearch and selected EASYBOOTS. My mare loves them, she struts around with them on and she has recovered amazingly. I may not ever be able to ride her again but she has given us so many great years she deserves a retirement of just hanging around wearing her EASYBOOTS!!"
By Valued Customer

April 12, 2016
"I have a draft mule that came to live with me several years ago with chronic laminitis. In early 2010, she had another recurrence of laminitis. With shoes on, her rotation increased and her soles dropped lower than the shoes. She was walking on her soles, not the shoes. A very painful condition. I was told to try the Easyboot Rx in place of shoes. I purchased my first pair over a year ago and have had no reason to go back to shoes. With padding, she walks comfortably and I can remove the boots at night when she is in her stall. Due to the severity and longevity of the laminitis, she will always have flat soles thereby making it painful to walk without the help of her Easyboot Rx and pads. Thanks to these boots, she still has a good quality of life and continues to be the alpha of her little herd."
By Valued Customer

April 12, 2016
"These boots are great when your horse has sore feet."