Effol Hoof Ointment Hufslabe 17 oz

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Effol Hoof-Ointment

Product Details:

  • Ensures healthy hoof growth
  • Disinfecting effect.
  • Combination of laurel and thymol effectively helps to protect against hoof diseases.
  • Vaseline forms a water-repellent and dirt-repellent film which protects the hoof against outside influences.
  • 17 oz


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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 5 reviews)

By Martha Van Cleef
Lafayette, IN
September 22, 2016
"I have used this product for years and love it. I even recommended it to my farrier who is now recommending it to his clients. I got it originally in a gallon bucket which lasted forever as there is so little waste. My problem now? I can't find it in a large quantity container!!! When you use it frequently, 17 oz. doesn't go very far! My horse has terrible feet and this product keeps him from cracking and splitting and protects against disease. I won't use any other product on his feet."
By Carrie
April 12, 2016
"Pros: It is a solid, so you dont waste any. I rub into the coronary band a couple times a week when we are having dry weather, and my horses hooves are growing well though he is not prone to bad feet. I chose this because other than the artificial coloring, the ingredients are generally simpler than other products and doesnt contain any pine tar or sealers. It also smells pleasant and washes off of your fingers easily I didnt purchase the brush and dont think its necessary if you wash your hands. "
By Valued Customer
April 12, 2016
"This product was recommended by my farrier as the best he had ever found for cracked, brittle hooves. I have been using it on my gelding to help with cracks and have been amazed at how well he is doing now."
By Jess V Big Dees Employee
April 12, 2016
"I adore the whole Effol leather cleaning line, but this is the first time I bought a hoof product and I am glad I did. I use this primarily at shows, but Ive started to use it regularly at home because I am really impressed at the condition it leaves my horses hooves in. I love the brush that comes with this too. The actual consistency of the product it great too as none of it goes to waste because it is a solid."
By Ashley S-U
April 12, 2016
"This product has saved my hoses hooves when nothing else worked! It can go ALL over the hoof and makes them looks beautiful! In addition, makes them strong and ph balanced. If you put all over hoof the next day you wont need hoof black for shows If your horses hooves are black. I can not say any cons about this product, I am so glad Big Dees carries this because I used to have to order fom out of state. I have even turned my friends onto this product, here in OH, TN & GA"