Equi-Essentials Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder Toy

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Weight: FOB 4.5 Lbs
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Ideal for horses that need to slow down their eating, on stall rest, for dry lot turnout or just keeping them entertained! Equi-Essentials Hay Ball has 32 flat surfaces that lets the ball move around to help keep the horse stimulated while slowing down their hay intake to simulate natural grazing. The Slow Feed ball has twelve 2.75" holes for eating and can hold up to 7lbs of hay. Easy to load opening, with a screw on cap to keep closed. The Hay Ball Feeder also comes with a strap to hang. The ball has 16" diameter and weighs 4.5lbs empty.

Product Details:

  • Great for horses on stall rest, on restricted diet, on dry lots, that need to slow down or to break up boredom
  • 32 flat surfaces
  • 12 openings 2.75" each
  • Simulates natural grazing pattern
  • Holds up to 7lbs of hay
  • Screw on cap
  • Strap for hanging
  • 16" diameter
  • Weights 4.5lbs empty

Customer Reviews

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November 21, 2020
"My two horses are stalled, three days a week I’m at work long hours . I feed their portions plus leave balls for them to give them something to eat during long day that adds a similarity to grazing, kind of... 😊"
Grafton, OH
November 16, 2020
"My mare absolutely LOVES this ball! She chose to pull hay out of the ball even though there was loose hay on the ground next to it lol"