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EPMX - from the makers of Body Builder. Fighting EPM infection equals more stamina, better coordination and more success!

EPMX is a powerful herbal liquid nutritional supplement that kills the parasites that cause EPM. EPM stands for Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis. Protozoal means from a Protozoa, which is a microorganism that is a parasite, and Myeloencephalitis means inflammation of the tissues that covers the brain. EPM occurs when horses are exposed to certain protozoal parasites. Common symptoms of EPM infection are uncoordinated movement of the rear feet, often being worse on one side, also lameness issues that come and go often switching sides, changes to gate and lethargy, hind end weakness, worse on ground that slopes left to right or front to back. EPM is caused by raising or eating feed or drinking water contaminated by the feces of possums. EPMX helps to kill the parasites causing EPM, but it also works well as a pre-race supplement.

Horses on EPMX have shown the following

  • Improved clarity and stamina
  • Better coordination
  • Improvement in competition
  • Reduced inflammation of the tissues that covers the brain caused by the Protozoal Parasite

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Martville, NY
April 25, 2019
"My gelding is on day 9 of using only EPMX to treat his suspect EPM. He's responding exactly as most script treatments (progress for a couple of days and now we're going through die off) so I would like to believe this is helping. I reached out to Equiaide with questions before starting and they have been a fantastic support network. Big Dee's has the best price and shipped really fast so I could get started before the vet comes back out to have more information for him. "