Equivisor Fly Mask

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Equivisor Fly Mask by Jacks.

Product Details:

The EVA lining provides insulation to the brow and sensitive nose area of the horse giving 100% UV protection to those areas particularly for horses susceptible to Uveitis (Red/Pink Eye).

  • The elevated EVA lining allows good air circulation under the fly mask.
  • The Equivizor Fly Mask is the most suitable solution for the constant issue of insect irritation
  • Unique design sits up off the horses face, preventing folding onto the eye and ensuring greater comfort.
  • EVA lining acts as a barrier against the heat of the sun while promoting a suitable level of airflow around the eye region
  • This soft EVA lining prevents laceration of the cornea, insulates the forehead and shades the eyes
  • Washable,durable and lightweight.

Customer Reviews

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January 13, 2017
"Used in winter to protect eye that was injured. It was perfect. Stayed stiff and away from eye. Has 3 fasteners so horse didn't get it off. "
By Lorie P.
September 14, 2016
"Great Fit! This mask fits great and stays on! Best mask I've bought yet!"
By Valued Customer
September 12, 2016
"Nice fit. My horse suffers from ERU. I ordered the mask to protect his eyes from the sun. "
By Kate

April 12, 2016
"Great product! My horse had eye injury and this fly mask has really helped ! Great UV protection! Washs up great!"
April 12, 2016
"I have a blind horse that needs to be protected from U/V rays at all times. I leave his mask on 24/7. I tried both the Equivizor and the Guardian. We like the Equivizor better. The Guardian seemed to fit well, but the cups collected dust and hair which led to irritation. To be fair, if I had taken it off and cleaned it out multiple times a day that probably could have been avoided. He rolled more frequently and would rub his head on the ground more with the Guardian, which only increased the dust/dirt collection issue. That also indicated to me that while I thought it fit fine, there was something about it he did not like. With the Equivizor, I just take it off once a day, hose it down good, let it dry a bit, then put it right back on. No excessive rolling or rubbing anymore. I am ordering another one right now so I will be able to have one clean and ready to go each evening and just swap them out each day."