Equla Vert Unit GPS

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Equla Vert easily attaches to your crown piece of the bridle. This multi-purpose sensor displays a color code to assist riders in correcting the angle of the head keeping the poll at the vertical or stay on pace by relaying a continuous indication of speed. Also features GPS tracking to record your ride. This unit is ideal for training, cross country, endurance and trail allowing the rider to glance at the unit indicators without lowering their gaze on the course or arena.

Product Details:

  • Requires download of the Vert App from the itunes App Store
  • Not compatible with Android devices
  • Works indoors or outdoors - automatically adjusts the brightness to suit your needs
  • Easily attaches to the crown piece with a Velcro strap
  • Weight: 22 grams (0.78 ounces) so light your horse will not notice it.
  • Can be calibrated for multiple horses
  • Retains a charge for 24 hours.
  • Recharge in only 1 hour
  • Choose your color display
  • Vert unit records measurement and provides feedback to be used in conjunction with your trainer.
  • Includes: vert, USB wall charger, USB Micro charging cable, extra strap

Vertical: This mode gives you a continuous indication of the head angle. Ahead of the vertical: blue light. On the vertical: green light. Behind the vertical: red light. Or can be set to let the rider know if the horse's head goes behind the vertical, vert emits a red light. It’s that simple. You can freely adjust the zones to suit your needs.

Pace: Get a continuous indication of your speed while on the course. Green light: speed up. White light: you're alright! Red light: slow down

GPS: Keep track of your training! Record your rides with GPS, measure distance and speed. See where you were fast, and where you were slow. And where you were just right!

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