Farnam SandClear 10 lb

Item# 125S
Weight: FOB 10.0 Lbs
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SandClear by Farnam can help reduce the risk of digestive colic. Commonly used during conditions of equine colic caused by sand and other materials, SandClear crumbles contains psyllium seed husk recommended by veterinarians to support the removal of sand and dirt from the ventral colon. This supplementary source of dietary fiber is ideal for horses that graze or eat off the ground. The palatable apple and molasses crumbles can be given to horses of all ages- even young foals.

Product Details:

  • Commonly used during conditions of colic caused by sand and other materials
  • Supports removal of sand and dirt
  • Supports gut health and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • Palatable apple and molasses crumbles are easy to use
  • Can be given to horses of all ages - even young foals

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Customer Reviews

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Evergreen, CO
March 08, 2021
"My horse has been very ouchie in his back left groin area for over a month. I thought it was a pulled muscle until a vet friend said it could be on onset of sand colic. She recommended Sand Clear. After 1 week on the product he no longer tries to cow kick me if I touch his belly. I will work this in to a rotation for my horse from now on!"
March 05, 2021
"Never used this product until I moved to Florida. So far I have no complaints my boarding place has all horses on this product or similar and it seems to be working great. "
Bancroft, MI
June 24, 2020
"Horses eat it well"
May 11, 2020
"Great product , have used several other kinds but like the quality and affordability of this product. "
July 03, 2018
"My soil is very sandy and I have a colt that has had a few serious bouts of sand colic. I have him on Sand Clear every day and so far he has not had a bout of colic. "