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Fine Tine Replacement Head

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Fine Tine Pitch fork head by A Plus Equine is the only stall fork head designed for use with both pelleted and sawdust bedding. Made of durable polycarbonate to resist breakage. Great for stall walkers, minis or young horses.

Product Details:

  • Original head has 17" basket with 30 tines spaced 5/16" apart
  • Junior Head has 13" basket with 22 tines spaced 3/8" apart
  • Compared to competitors 18 tines
  • Closely arranged tines to "get the small stuff"
  • Filters out debris 5/16"' or larger
  • Angled basket to allow more sifting-saving time and labor
  • Made of Poly-Blend to resist breakage
  • Head Only

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 19 reviews)

Madison, CT
December 04, 2019
"The Fine Tine Junior is my ONLY choice. With this tool my stalls are pristine! Bits as small as half an inch are easily picked up. STRONG BUY."
Georgetown, TN
November 23, 2019
"So happy I could purchase a replacement head only ! This is made very well, extra sturdy and works great for my mini' little poo's. I have small gravel in his dry lot and this cleans the lot in a jiffy with out wasting my gravel. "
October 05, 2019
"Great quality forks especially for ponies and minis. It's nice to be able to buy the replacement heads instead of the entire fork every time"
September 21, 2019
"Works great for cleaning stalls with rice hulls or sawdust. I wish the tines were a tiny bit closer for doing ricehulls but other than that they work perfectly. The weight is fine for me but it may seem a bit heavy for some. "
Gettysburg, PA
September 09, 2019
"This is my <3 fork...I'm lost without it. Mine broke & thank goodness Big Dee's had replacement heads...I ordered 4, so I can have backups. This fork is the best for saving on bedding, you only muck out what you don't need, which cuts back on your bedding $$$. Best thing ever for mini's, that's how I discovered the fine tine. I will def order again & I would recommend to everyone!!! Thank you Big Dee's for selling replacement heads and not making me buy the whole fork!!!"