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Fine Tines Replacement Head

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Fine Tines Pitch fork head by A Plus Equine is the only stall fork head designed for use with both pelleted and sawdust bedding. Made of durable polycarbonate to resist breakage. Great for stall walkers, minis or young horses.

Product Details:

  • Original head has 17" basket with 30 tines spaced 5/16" apart
  • Junior Head has 13" basket with 22 tines spaced 3/8" apart
  • Compared to competitors 18 tines
  • Closely arranged tines to "get the small stuff"
  • Filters out debris 5/16"' or larger
  • Angled basket to allow more sifting-saving time and labor
  • Made of Poly-Blend to resist breakage
  • Head Only

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 24 reviews)

August 24, 2020
"This is the best fork out there. I ordered my first about a year ago. Didn't use it for 6 months or so. Once I started using this fork I was hooked. I just ordered 2 replacement heads as I just broke the first one after jabbing it into a rock. As long as I own horses I will not be without this fork. "
Lubbock, TX
April 22, 2020
"I own and operate a equine conditioning/rehab barn and we use pelleted bedding in our stalls. The fine time muck forks work very well with this type of bedding. However, if you use them every day like we do, you’d better keep a few replacement baskets on hand because they do break fairly easily and need to be replaced periodically."
April 13, 2020
"I manage a 24 stall barn and love how clean you can get the stalls with the fine tines fork. My only complaint is that they are very fragile! "
Dansville, NY
April 03, 2020
"Best Fork you can buy! Deep basket and tines close together so nothing drops out. Great for mini's and small ponies too!"
Sanford, FL
December 29, 2020
"I just needed a replacement head and they had it! Yeah! And came with a new bolt which was even better ! The only pitchfork you can use with pelleted bedding it’s awesome!"