Flexible Filly Slow Feed Muzzle

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Slow Feed Muzzle is perfect for those easy keepers or to control cribbers. Flexible and lightweight the Flexible Filly Slow Feed muzzle is a more horse friendly way to control their eating.

Product Details:

  • Well ventilated for a lot of air flow
  • 2.5 cm opening for restricted grazing
  • Pliable material- less chances of rubs and getting the muzzle stuck
  • Made of a durable polymer
  • Fungal/mold/UV resistant
  • Each package comes with 10 low profile zip ties to secure the muzzle to your halter
  • Muzzle material is rated to break just before your leather turnout halter
  • Halter for muzzle sold separately, #3004H
  • Replacement zip ties for muzzle, #105F


  • Mini: Fits Larger Miniature horses and up to large ponies
  • Horse: fits Ponies to Cob, Small Horses and Average Horses (If a regular horse halter fits when at the middle hole or above, order the smaller version)
  • Large Horse: Fits Larger horses Warmbloods and Drafts - (If a horse size halter fits at the last hole or two, order the larger size)
  • If you are on the fence, always order DOWN to the smaller size.

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 5 reviews)

January 09, 2021
"Mare was recently diagnosed with insulin resistance and needs a muzzle.....she has a delicate face and others were too heavy and very hard to fit. Found this one and love it. Fit is more customizable and it is lighter weight - she actually doesn't mind having it on. She can be turned out and is a much happier horse. This one is actually my second one - want to make sure if she wears out the first one I have another ready to go. I purchased the halter with the first one and like that too"
July 30, 2020
"So far so good, I bought this for my Haflinger gelding as he gets fat on air and his diet needs to be watched. It’s light and breatheable unlike most muzzles. Wisconsin has been very humid and hot, plus having something heavy on his face, I was worried. But with the flexible filly I don’t worry about that."
July 20, 2020
"This muzzle fits in the automatic waterer! I've only used it for a couple days, so I can't say how sturdy it is. That said, it's lightweight and cool for my horse. I recommend buying the compatible Thinline halter which is designed to go with the muzzle. It's a lot easier to adjust the muzzle for a proper fit. At first I tried to use my own halter and was unable to get the muzzle to hang straight. "
Andover , OH
July 13, 2020
"I love this muzzle! I've used the greenguard muzzle which is great but not restrictive enough for my mare. I love the tough one easy breath muzzle also but over time the horses wear the grazing hole larger. This muzzle is lightweight,soft and flexible. I already see a difference in my mares weight after a week. This is exactly what I was looking for on a muzzle!"
May 27, 2020
"Love this muzzle and so does our mare. Just ordered a second one with the smaller hole. Much softer, cooler, more flexible and last longer than other muzzles. Our mare does not fuss about putting this one on. 💗🐎 Big D’s have the best price that I have found. Thank you for carrying this muzzle. I highly recommend it. "