Fly Armor Browband Insect Repellent

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Fly Armor horse gear provides your horse an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with you! Inserts last approximately 4 weeks if worn 24/7-and longer if returned to original re-sealable bag after use. Fly Armor products are safe and natural containing no toxic pesticides and there is no direct contact with your animal's skin. The gear is washable, durable, and lightweight. The hotter the temperature-the better it works! Keep in mind many sprays and lotions become less effective once a horse sweats.

  • Vaporguard backing prevents leaching for maximum skin protection.
  • Remove gear when bathing horses as shampoo can reduce effectiveness of inserts.
  • The browband measures 15 1/2" long and includes two inserts.
  • Ingredients: citronella oil, cedarwood oil, and proprietary additives.

Inserts have a shelf life of approx 4 years - date code stamped on each foil pack with manufacture date.  Do not store at extreme temperatures (below freezing or above 100 degrees)

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Customer Reviews

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By Teresa
April 12, 2016
"I bought the browband Fly Armour. I couldnt really see that it helped much"

April 12, 2016
"I have only used the browband a few times but found it to reduce the number of deer flies attacking my horse while riding in the woods. It does not completely eliminate the attacks though and it is still necessary to carry a whisk. I have not left it on the horse when he is turned -out so I cannot comment on how well it works with regular face flies and mosquitoes."