Fly Armor Mane And Tail Band Insect Repellent

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Fly Armor insect repellent gear provides an invisible shield of tranquility against flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums for approximately four weeks, depending upon weather conditions. The unique component of a Fly Armor band is the scented, eco-friendly replacement insert. The inserts protect your animal from bothersome flying insects.

Product Details:

  • Replacement inserts last approximately 4 weeks.
  • Fly Armor has been field tested at farms and in the laboratory to bring you the highest quality product available for you and your dog or horse.
  • The repellent in Fly Armor products has been manufactured using only all-natural ingredients that are 100% free from toxic chemicals.
  • For additional protection, Fly Armor gear is constructed with a special backing to prevent leaching of the repellent through the band onto the skin.

Inserts have a shelf life of approx 4 years - date code stamped on each foil pack with manufacture date. Do not store at extreme temperatures (below freezing or above 100 degrees)

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Customer Reviews

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By Paul Moore
April 12, 2016
"I own the biggest wimp in the county when it comes to flies. Hes a big, solid, 17hh blue roan Tennessee Walking Horse, but as soon as the flies start landing on him he runs for the barn and stays there until dusk. Ive tried fly sprays and spot fly repellents, but they wear off as soon as he breaks a sweat. I decided to try a Fly Armor band in his mane. Only thing I can say is WOW. These things are great! The first insert lasted a full month, and the hotter and buggier it got, the more effective it was! My horse can finally go outside during the day without getting chased back in after only a few minutes. My girlfriend was so impressed after all the flies started bugging HER horse instead that she bought the mane/tail band for her own horse and now shes raving about it to her horse-owning friends, too. This is a great product - Im glad Big Dees carries it!"
By Cindi
April 12, 2016
"My horse gets itchy from fly bites, especially on his face. He rubs his face against trees, even while wearing a fly mask, and the mask rubs right through his skin. No more fly masks for him! I attached a fly armor band to his forelock. It took him a day or two to get used to it, but it helped keep the flies away for over two weeks. He developed no new itchy places and I could treat the old ones. The band smells nice and I would recommend it to a friend."
By Jessica R. Big Dees Employee
April 12, 2016
"I was skeptical as to how well the fly armor strip would work for my horse. I braided it into an upper section of my horses mane in effort to repel the gnats and flies from around the ears and eyes. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well it worked and I did not feel the need to spray my horse with traditional fly repellents as often as usual. I did still spray their legs and bellies just to be sure that they were not being bothered. I did find that I needed to change the strip around the end of week two but it had been extremely hot and dry and I think that under typical summer conditions it may have lasted longer. Initially I thought that this might be a great choice specifically for trail but there is not go way to save it for later, once it is opened it needs to be put to use. The smell was pleasant and it did not seem to bother my horse at all."
By Yvonne jinks
April 12, 2016
"I was somewhat disappointed by this product. I used a band in the mane and one in the tail. My horse who is out-side 24/7 during the summer months still experienced fly problems, but I think less so than if he was fly repellant free. the problem is if it rains then the Fly Armor no longer works. It is hard to always anticipate rain. If it did not rain then the inserts lasted about 18 days. When attaching the bands, it is beneficial to attach in two places to ensure that they stay on. They are impossible to find in a field as they are dark colored and blend in. I still needed fly spray to ride. Ontario, Canada"
By Audrey Malloy
April 12, 2016
"Unlike a lot of the chemicals and sprays that sweat off through exercise, or wash off when the horse is rained on or goes through water on a trail ride, the Fly Armor sticks around and actually works BETTER the hotter it gets. Easy to work with, pleasant scent, and long-lasting. All of our horses wear the bands out at pasture, and the ones for dogs also work great! I am a very, very satisfied customer when it comes to the Fly Armor products and highly recommend them."