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Four Horsemen Hormone Therapy 2 lb

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Hormone Therapy Powder from Four Horsemen is a natural solution for steroids, without the harmful side effects! Formulated with a mixture of 8 different Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years, these herbs help a horse put on weight, make them more “naturally” competitive, help their appetite, and give them a better attitude when it comes to training and racing! The Chinese used these herbs to benefit their animals that they used for food, shelter, and protection. Working off of proven, ancient Eastern medicine methods, create the results you want with a holistic appraoch.

Product Details:

  • Produces desired results for racing without use of Equi-Poise and other Steroids
  • Blend of 8 Chinese herbs
  • Zero harmful side effects

2lb container will provide up to a 180-day supply

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Customer Reviews

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Vancouver, BC
August 17, 2016
"This stuff is seriously awesome, helps nervous horses and seems to make them more confident, also supreme for putting on weight and muscle ."
April 12, 2016
"i have used the homone therapy for about 5 years mostly on fiilies and have found it to be beneficial in their coats their attitudes and also in their breathing."