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Foxden Equine Quiessence Pellet 14 Lb

Item# QUIES14
Weight: FOB 14.0 Lbs
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Quiessence Pellet by Foxden Equine is a balanced Magnesium and Chromium formula designed to support calm, balanced behavior in equines. It may also help animals who are cresty-necked, laminitic and may help reduce the tendency to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism and increasing peripheral circulation. Quiessence is all-natural and Show Safe with no known side effects.

Product Details:

  • Show Safe
  • Magnesium-based & designed to support calm, balanced behavior
  • Effectively reduces nervousness, hypersensitivity, muscle tension and irritability
  • Beneficial for horses with limited access to forage and diet primarily consists of processed feeds
  • Supports normal glucose metabolism and increases peripheral circulation
  • Made in the USA

14 lb pellets = 56 - 112 day supply

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Customer Reviews

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Collinsville, CT
January 18, 2021
"I have been feeding this to my horse for the past few years and I love it. My gelding can have an anxious brain and even just half of a recommended dose of this takes the edge off (he's a small horse so maybe that has something to do with it). I reserve the other half of the dose for traveling off property or when there is a lot more going on at the barn. My barn feeds supplements in the PM and I do find that he is calmer for an evening ride after having this in his PM grain vs in the morning."
Eureka , MT
January 09, 2021
"Love this product. It’s my #1 go to for horses in training or that come in with body soreness and behavioral issues. "