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Gold As Sun Coat Enhancer 4 lb

Item# 6488
Weight: FOB 4.0 Lbs
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Gold as Sun Coat Enhancer by Cheval International helps prevent dull, faded, sun bleached horses with Cheval Gold-As-Sun. This coat enhancer is not a harsh chemical dye, but an all natural supplement to grow in coats, manes, and tails so healthy they resist fading. Designed to act as if your horse's coat has built in sunscreen, and to promote rich, healthy shine.

Gold-As-Sun is formulated from an all natural combination of healthy oils, seaweeds and spices to emphasize the golden/bronze colors on Palominos, Duns, Buckskins, and Chestnuts. Helps keep the rich shiny bronze highlights rather that the dark highlights of blacks and bays. Beat that dingy burnt look with Gold-As-Sun.

You may want to double or triple the dose in the heat of summer.

Product Details:

  • Helps prevent sunbleached coat
  • Promots luxurious manes and tail
  • All natural combination of healthy oils, seaweeds, and spices to bring out color

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Customer Reviews

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By Valued Customer
September 16, 2016
"Purchase this product at Spring to help bring the golden tones back. Does an excellent job, no problem with feeding, and the price is reasonable. "
By Horse Lover
Ocala, FL
August 05, 2016
"Brought out an amazing gold shine with the slightest hint of dapple on my palomino filly. Love it!"