Gut Health Xtra Strength Gallon

Item# 0616X
Weight: FOB 10.0 Lbs
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Xtra Strength Gut Health by Basic Equine Health

Gut Health is an aloe vera based digestive health supplement that is fed daily. This unique product has pH stabilizing crystals that provide very noticeable results. Gut Health helps reduce the symptoms directly related to stomach and hind gut irritation.

Product Details:

  • Concentrated for quick results
  • For chronic or acute ulcer symptoms
  • Soothes the stomach
  • Reduces/eliminates the cause of moody systems
  • Raises stomach pH for relief
  • Increases hind gut pH
  • Time released phases maximizes the relief for up to 4 hours
  • Allows natural function of stomach and hindgut

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Customer Reviews

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Nordland, WA
July 26, 2019
"This product has been a game changer in the treatment of my TB mare's hind gut ulcer symptoms. After treating with Omeprazole and other supplements (I am the gut supplement queen these days), my mare was continuing to tell me that she was uncomfortable. Two days (yes, that fast!) on Gut Health and she was a different horse. More relaxed during grooming, eating with gusto, moving better under saddle. I was stunned. I will definitely keep this as a part of my mare's gut rehab regimen. "