Halt Cribbing 5 Gallon Brown

Item# 117548
Weight: FOB 47.0 Lbs
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Halt Cribbing is a free-flowing oil and is available in brown. It may be used on barns (interior and exterior), stalls, mangers, fencing, gates, etc.

Halt Cribbing is always ready for immediate use...won't evaporate, separate or settle while standing. It is easily and quickly applied with a brush or with any spray equipment.

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April 12, 2016
"This stuff works great for those hard to stop wood chewers! Once it sinks in, it looks great too! Its a messy clean-up as its so oily, but in the end its worth the mess! I use a sprayer and mask to put it on, and plan to throw out my clothes when done! I would recommend it, just plan accordingly for the mess!"
April 12, 2016
"I like the product, it does wonders for horses cribing, and this is a great price/gallon, if your covering several stalls. The packaging could have been better. The can did not leak, but for as many big dents that it had it should have! Need to have better packaging protection for liquid products."