Healthy HairCare Herbal Horse Wash 32 oz

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Herbal Horse Wash by Healthy HairCare. This refreshing and invigorating cleanser can be applied in minutes with no scrubbing. Attach the nozzle to your hose, use the rinse setting to pre-wet your horse's coat, then switch to the wash setting and apply to the body, let it sit for a few minutes then swtich the setting back to rinse and simply rinse off for a shiny clean finish.

Product Details:

  • Sprayer delivery system applies the wash at a preset dilution ratio for a perfect wash each time
  • Rinse & wash settings allow the bottle can stay on your hose start to finish
  • No need for a bucket and sponge
  • Contains natural ingredients: ginseng root, alfalfa, wheat germ, licorice, nettle, aloe juice, soy protein and arnica montana flower
  • 32 oz size lasts for up to 10 horses/baths

Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"I LOVE this product!! Not only did it cut bath time in half but the shampoo did a great job cleaning down to the skin without any scrubbing. Even removed grass stains from my Appys withers. Brightened both horses coats and rinsed completely, leaving the hair coat super soft and shiny! Best of all, the horses got clean without ME taking a bath too!!"