Helathy Haircare Silverado Coat Gloss 32 oz

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Silverado Coat Gloss by Healthy HairCare

Product Details:

  • Ready to use, spray-on highlighter for the horses coat, mane and tail.
  • Produces the best show ring shine for the coat, mane and tail.
  • Repels dust, dirt, grass, urine, leather, and manure stains.
  • Cuts grooming time in half - groom once, horses stay clean and show ring ready for days longer!
  • Spray horse's coat, mane and tail, brush or towel into coat.
  • Comb and detangle mane and tail.
  • Mist entire horse, mane, tail and coat lightly again.
  • 32 oz

Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"Been using the Other Coat Sheen product for years, recently they must have changed the product! Tried the Silverado Coat Gloss, and BOY! The difference was astounding! If I would have know that......I would have switched years ago! It smells wonderful, with just the right amount of slick for the mane and tail! Great Stuff"