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Hilton Herbs Herballs Horse Treats 4.4 lb

Item# 62102H
Weight: FOB 4.5 Lbs
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Herballs is the perfect nutritious treat for your horse! With no added sugars, molasses, artifiical flavors or coloring they are sure to be your favorite treat to give!

This is a great treat for horses suffering from chronic laminitis, cushings, and other metabolic disorders.

Product Details:

  • Natural Healthy Treat
  • Contains Lucerne, Flax seed, Wheat flour, Garlic, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary
  • Great for easy keepers, cushings, insulin resistant horses and ponies
  • Free of molasses, artificial sugars, and flavors


Customer Reviews

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Swansea, MA
November 02, 2020
"I tried a smaller bag of this treat on my horse and he absolutely loved these. I love the fact that these treats are very healthy for him and contain no sugar"
Fort Wayne, IN
February 05, 2020
"We own multiple horses and everyone of our horse love this treat. They smell good to us humans as well. What is an added benefit is that you do not have to buy multiple treats for your horses, if they have metabolic syndrome or Cushings. Since they do not contain sugar or molasses they can be give to your special needs horses eliminating the need to purchase multiple types of treats. Love them."