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Horslyx Mini Balancer 23 oz

Item# 11149H
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Horslyx Mini Balancers are made to provide high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package for balance nutrient deficiences in forage and grazing.

Menthol is used to provide respiratory support. Contains menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed to help support airways while the balancer maintains the immune system. Horslyx Menthol helps maintain a healthy respiratory system for horses that are stabled for long periods of time or for competition horses or for any horse that is prone to cough or has a compromised repiratory system

Garlic Flavored Horslyx is used to help prevent biting of insects and to lessen the irration caused by sweet itch. Can used all year round and is most beneficial for horses that are turned out and don't have easy access to fly spray.

Mint contains pure peppermint oil for a tasty and refreshing flavor.

Product Details:

  • Available Flavors: Mint, Menthol, Original & Garlic
  • 23 oz
  • Anti-oxidants to support healthy immune system
  • Oil for healthy skin and coat
  • Biotin, zinc and methionine for healthy hooves
  • Prevents boredom and reduces stress
  • Can eliminate the need for hard feed
  • Palatable
  • Healthy alternative to treats and sweets
  • Great for stretching exercises
  • Great for distraction during vet visits, clipping and much more!
  •  Mini Tubs provide a 3 day supply

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