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Italian Horflex Half Hock Trotting Boot

Item# 600A
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Italian Horflex Half Hook Trotting Boot with Speedy Cut by Racing Tack

Lightweight half hock hind shin trotting boot with full speedy cut, used for Standardbred racehorses as leg protection during intervals of speed and interference. Free from buckle straps to help in preventing boots from becoming too tight.

Product Details:

  • Synthetic hind shin and ankle
  • Speedy cut and half hock coverage
  • No buckles only EZ pull fasteners
  • One size fits most

Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"We have standardbreds and have been using the Trotting boot Half Hock for a few years now. The boot molds around the horses leg which is nice and we especially like the fact that it has velcro and not straps. Straps stretches with time and next thing you know we are dealing with in between holes and its just another piece of hardware to break."