Jacks Equivisor Fly Mask

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Equivisor Fly Mask by Jacks. The unique design includes nylon crown and throat buckles that adjust to the precise shape of your horse's head, while the nose hook and loop closure ensures the right fit below the eye. An EVA lining provides insulation to the brow and sensitive nose area of the horse giving 100% UV protection to those areas particularly for horses susceptible to Uveitis (Red/Pink Eye).

Product Details:

  • Unique design sits up off the horses face, preventing folding onto the eye and ensuring greater comfort
  • Large darts keep the mask from rubbing on the eyes
  • EVA lining acts as a barrier against the heat of the sun while promoting a suitable level of airflow around the eyes
  • This lining also prevents laceration of the cornea
  • Washable, durable and lightweight

Customer Reviews

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June 04, 2019
"I purchased this for my gelding who has uvietis. it seems to be made well and I like the adjustable straps. After using it for a few weeks I purchased a second one for my other boy as a fly mask .he is an escape artist. He did remove this mask .but I haven't found one yet that he will keep on .but I give this mask a thumbs up ."
July 02, 2018
"I bought this mask for my mare who has a history of uveitis and am very pleased with the fit. I’ve only had it for a week so I don’t know how it will hold up but so far it has stayed on"
Berryville, VA
June 17, 2018
"I love these fly masks! They're extremely adjustable and very durable. The worst my toothy hooligans have been able to do is to break one the the plastic snaps, and that was once in several years of wearing. The snap was easily and inexpensively replaced. If you have a horse with a lot of width between the eyes, and maximum eye clearance is needed or desired, you might want to order up a size. The mask is adjustable enough it should still work. "
New Sharon, IA
June 16, 2018
"My horse had uveitis and had to wear a mask 24 hours a day for a month. It stayed on pretty good, but one of the clips broke on the strap that goes under the throatlatch. The stiffness keeps the mesh away from his eyes better than other fly masks I have used. The one thing I didn't like was that it has rubbed the hair off in some places on his nose. Some fleece around the nose opening would be nice to add."
Sacramento, CA
August 12, 2017
"I love this mask's appearence, design, fit, ease of applying and lightness. But it is just not durable on my pony, a 13.2hh Fell. I began using the mask on June 11. Today I will put on the 3rd mask I have purchased. For me, each mask has become unusable in 30 days. The visor has cracked creating an opening to the outside, the eye shield tips have severely frayed, the binding ( which is nice and soft) has separated from the netting and the netting itself has developed "runs" like nylon stockings."