Jacks Equivizor Tinted Recovery Vizor

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Equivizor Tinted Recover Vizor is specifically designed to provide maximum protection for horses suffering Uvetits, recovering from eye surgery/injuries/scratches and more. Comes with quick release adjustable halter that clips over the poll, around the nose and under the cheek. A removable Mesh Cover is also included with this product. Made of PVC mesh with Velcro attachments, this is designed to fit over the recovery vizor to keep insects out of horse’s eyes. 

Product Details:

  • Made with tinted soft PVC
  • Helps prevent orbital abscess injury to the lens, iris and retina
  • Spacers are located on the forehead, nose and cheek region
  • Spacers lift the vizor away from the face for air flow
  • Several air vents in the vizor allow for even more air flow while still protecting the eyes
  • Horse Size

Customer Reviews

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August 22, 2020
"My mare had acute bilateral uveitis and a left eye corneal ulcer. For a couple of weeks, I used a fly mask designed to stay off the eyes, but she was so uncomfortable even with meds on board she scratched her good eye and ended up with bilateral ulcers. With the recovery vizor, she’s avoided re-injury. And even though this mare gets rubs if you even look at her with a mask or boots, she hasn’t had ANY rubs and she’s wearing it 24/7. It does get greasy and scratched - needs to be cleaned daily."
Sherburne, NY
April 27, 2020
"This is my gelding’s second equivizor. It fits very securely and has fleece padding, which is nice for him because it never rubs. Sadly, it gets really dirty and oily, making it difficult to clean. I’ll use my old one for backup- still has some mileage. Using the cover prevents the flexible plastic from getting scratched up when he rolls. "