Jolly Ball 10 Inch Assorted Colors

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Equine Jolly Ball by Horseman's Pride. Oops, Our number one top selling horse toys the Jolly Ball by Horsemens Pride, have gone through production with irregular colors ranging from red with white flecks to deep purple. 

Product Details:

  • Size: 10"
  • Puncturing and biting will not destroy this ball. 
  • Does not need air to inflate. 
  • Not guaranteed against tears.
  • Color:  Assorted "Oops" colors ranging from red to purple.

While supplies last!

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Customer Reviews

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December 06, 2016
"I have a black mouth cur that loves playing with this. He is a very large dog and this is perfect for him. "
By Robynne Catheron
Oxford , NY
December 05, 2016
"My horses and miniature donkeys love their Jolly Ball! Every day it's in a different spot in the pasture. Sometimes I'll catch two of the horses holding it in their mouths, not letting the other one have it, while the third horse waits for his chance to grab it. I had to buy a second one after I caught my dog running with the horses' ball; he'd bite the ball (not the handle) and shake it hard, then bring it to me to throw for him. I was so thrilled to see it didn't collapse! "
By Verified customer
September 16, 2016
"Very durable and priced right! "
By Verified customer
September 15, 2016
"This stuff is awesome. Keeps their feet soft and pliable and wont come out of the foot regardless of which type of bedding you use. "
By Mardi
April 12, 2016
"We got a couple of these jolly balls for our german shepherd/golden retriever mix puppy to play with. I was hoping she wouldnt destroy them quickly like she had with every other toy weve gotten her - and she hasnt. She makes short work of soccer balls so I was concerned shed do the same with these. Well, weve had the balls for a month now, and they are still mostly intact. She did chew the handle and make a hole in it within the first couple days, but its still holding up and still 100% inflated. She loves chasing these and can do so for hours. The strong material holds up well to her biting and chewing. She can even get her mouth around the ball and puncture it with her teeth, but the ball always goes back into shape and so far she hasnt managed to bite any pieces out of it except in the handle area."