Ka Hi Mega P 50 lb

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Weight: FOB 51.0 Lbs
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Kauffman's KA-HI Mega-P horse supplement is formulated to provide the essential vitamins, protein and minerals to complement most feeding programs, especially forage-based programs for all classes of equines.

Product Details:

  • Cold processed' (no steam used) pelleted vitamin, protein and mineral supplement.
  • Provides a unique balanced formula that is versatile enough to use as a supplement for equine athletes and as a ration blancer for "easy keepers" and ponies. "Easy keepers" and ponies usually obtain their daily energy from basic forage, but have limited access to fortified feed for good reason. Even though their energy requirements are low, their vitamin and trace mineral requirements remain the same as other horses.
  • Can fill that nutritional gap by providing balanced nutrients and high quality protein in an easy-to-feed, daily pelleted serving. Equine athletes and performance horses can benefit from the additional balanced vitamins, trace minerals and quality proteins. KA-HI is your nutritional insurance against nutrient deficiencies for horses in training, brood mares, yearlings and weanlings.
  • Intended to be fed at the rate of 1/4 to 1 lb per head per day, depending on your basic ration and the activity and needs of the individual horse.

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