Ker A Form 3 lb

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Ker-A-Form, hoof and coat supplement.

Choose Ker-A-Form by Kentucky Performance Products for a beautiful hair coat, luxurious mane and tail and strong resilient hooves. Ker-A-Form is a scientifically formulated coat and hoof supplement that is named after one of the tissues it was developed to nourish, "keratin."

Keratin is the fibrous protein that forms the main structural component of hair and hooves. Without healthy keratin, hooves and hair grow slowly and become dull, dry, and brittle. The combination of nutrients found in Ker-A-Form support keratin as well as multiple other components that make up healthy skin, hair, and hooves.

It will aid in the eliminating of dry, flaky hair coats and brittle manes and tails. It contains ingredients that contribute natural oils to the skin bringing out dapples, and enhance both hair coat color and sheen.

Ker-A-Form supports a reduced incidence of toe cracks, quarter cracks, and the fragile, brittle hooves that stem from weak keratin in the hoof wall. You can count on Ker-A-Form to provide essential nutrients in the correct amounts at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed one ounce with your horse's feed per day.

A 3 lb bucket supplies one horse for 48 days
(1 scoop = 1 ounce).

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